So - why is the Queen not going to Harry’s Wedding?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by lambro, May 17, 2018.

  1. Is it solely because Megan is a divorcee?
  2. becs

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    She's got to go round Theresa May's to pay her catalogue money.
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  3. doesn't want to be part of the media scrum that ensues
  4. Brian Griffin

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    She is.

    Will be the last person in before the bride.
  5. MunkyHeed

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    Man U fan. Got tickets off a mate whose a steward at Wembley init.
  6. Is she not :eek:

    Shan that
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  7. George Kaplan

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    She was caught in a photoshootst-up with a paparazzi researching the MOBO awards and boning up on urban black fashion and patois in preparation for chats with the new in-laws
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  8. Dinsdale

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    church has just been mistakenly repainted anti reptile paint
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  9. FootballFan

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  10. HABA87

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    Cos there not rel8ed m8 megalolllolll!!!!1!!11!!!!! :rolleyes:
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  11. lenshack

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    Can’t have her mixing with all these common people.
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  12. heroesof73

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    Bride`s Dad didnt send her an invite cos she aint in the divorced club
  13. Trauntrian

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    The Queen didn't go to the Charles' wedding to Camilla - only to the blessing ceremony.

    She's the head of the Church of England so couldn't attend a civil wedding.

    Harry's having a church wedding so she can (and will) attend this one.
  14. Lukas73

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    If your plus one at a mixed race wedding was Phil, would you go?
  15. Arkle

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    Ah, right, so this is a speculative thread rather than one about an official announcement that she won't attend? Edit: Just spotted who the OP is.
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    Are Meg 'n' Mark going?
  17. DufraisFTM

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    Lizards don't go to weddings.
  18. [​IMG]
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  20. Randy Ostrich

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    No, that's got a different black lady, Megan's show is called Suits.
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