So our start to the season


Performance wise you could argue we have deserved two points; 1 vs oxford and pompey and nowt at ipswich, so you can't compalin about the amount of points so far. Need to start playing from kick off instead of when we are a goal down and be more creative in attack. Flip side so far is we look a little better in defense as we would have lost at ipswich with the same defence as last season. A long way to go yet till i'm confident of promotion, people might say we have played good teams this year so the jury is out till we start playing the worse teams in the leagues as those were the games that cost us last year.


5/9 is not a disaster but neither is a reason to go overboard. Averaging 2 points each home game and 1 away would give us 69 points which is nowhere near good enough.
Absolutely mental to be talking about how many points we’ll get based on 3 games like. :lol:


Central Defender
I would have taken a win v Oxford and draws V Ipswich and Portsmouth so we are where I expected us to be. Solid start, I think we panicked too soon.
grateful mate it could be so much worse imo. disappointed with the lack of sheets and lay that at the feet of the dour gaffer for not knowing his preferred system formation or personnel. hopefully he'll bin this 3 st the back nonsense and crack on. haway fucksake. we're sunderland mate


performances still need to improve i'm afraid, although i felt the team was better against pompey so we may not be too far off...basically, forced to ditch the 3 at the back (which in most peoples eyes was a bad idea) still has me a tad worried as ross could decide to return to it at any time and is quite possibly looking for players to fit into that system rather than 'what we need'.

happy enough with the points return despite performances, although i feel i was saying pretty much the same thing last season and things really did not improve.


if we win on tuesday then its a great start. need a good dominating performance, win by two clear goals, and i'll be the happiest i've been with the team since about xmas time.

play poor on tuesday and lose on tuesday and the portsmouth result means nowt really.

Haway Ross... the wheels are starting to slightly turn on the SAFC promotion train, lets get some momentum, attack attack attack


Much of a muchness to last season, picked up points without actually playing that well. Would also be nice if we learnt how to create a few chances instead of less than a handful each game, which is also much of a muchness to last season.


What’s the thoughts on it now?

An iffy opening day home fixture fighting back in spirited fashion from an early goal to get a point. Followed by a point away to one of the main promotion rivals and now a good three points against another potential promotion rival and a bit more team shape and character shown.
Mix in a comfortable win in the league cup.

Everybody happy?
In reality a win against Oxford then draws against Ipswich and Portsmouth should have been the goal. Although we have the same points as that, it’s turned out slightly better with Portsmouth not getting a point from us. Ipswich and Portsmouth will be at the right end of the table come the end of the season. We have some winnable games coming up so we will see after those.
Happy with the start after that massive win on Sat. I think if we can carry on and get 3 points this week and another good performance on Sat we will not look back.