Snooker World Championship

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jacko100, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Bungo Bill

    Bungo Bill Full Back

    I put a few quid on Ding to win every year. Not so sure this time though, he just isn't playing well enough.
  2. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    yeah getting beaten by james wattana in China was a new low!
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  3. Bungo Bill

    Bungo Bill Full Back

    Definitely. He seems to have lost a bit of focus since becoming a dad for the first time. Still love watching him though.
  4. jacko100

    jacko100 Winger

    yeah he's class, has great facial expressions too, was very funny when he was trying to get that 147 recently against Ronnie, missed the yellow but then it went round the table and into the middle

    This was brilliant when he forgot he was going for a 147! :lol:

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  5. I wonder what comedy moments we'll get from The Jester from Leicester this time round? Such a character, on and off the table.
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  6. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    He is an absolutely miserable bastard. Gone right off him and he's playing shite anyway.
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  7. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    Just had a look at the draw and I'll see shaun Murphy on Monday and O Sullivan on Tuesday. Sixth time of going and first time I've seen Ronnie so buzzing.
  8. Burt

    Burt Midfield

    Saw Ronnie for the 1st time live last year in his 2nd round match defeat against Ali Carter. He had a bad start which is the session we saw and in the end deservedly lost the match 13-9. Hopefully he gets through to round 2 this year and plays a bit better as Maguire (who could be his Round 2 opponent) can be brilliant to watch on his day.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go deep into this tournament. The longer format suits him where he can bore the tits off his opponent. Still got to navigate his way through the early rounds mind.
  10. Almost Genius

    Almost Genius Striker

    New snooker game out Wednesday just in time for this years tournament.
    First one for years
  11. FootballFan

    FootballFan Striker

    yep, fancy him to win it, very good at what the ignorant like to call the "scrappy frames"
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  12. chopsfc007

    chopsfc007 Striker

    I have ordered it are you getting it marra
  13. Almost Genius

    Almost Genius Striker

    Aye just bought it.
    Players look really poor on it for graphics these days but never mind
  14. Snooker games are always shit. It’s like they spend half an hour knocking them up. Sales figures are probably horrendous like.
  15. chopsfc007

    chopsfc007 Striker

    You getting it for ps4

    The gameplay looks ok at least you can play as the pros unlike some games
  16. andysafc85

    andysafc85 Winger

    Please let this be sarcasm
  17. Of course it is :lol:

    He's boring as sin!
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  18. sonofagun

    sonofagun Winger

    Angles McManus losing to a girl.
  19. Burt

    Burt Midfield

    Already 39 centuries in qualifying round 1 including a 146 for Thailand's Noppon Saengkham. Liang Wenbo and Martin Gould 10-0 winners too.
  20. andysafc85

    andysafc85 Winger


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