Snooker thread

Carter v O’Sullivan rematch on tho both have a lot do before that could happen, changing the white isn’t that rare the players are that sensitive to any change to conditions that if the cue ball is slightly lighter they can tell
Todays menu

Itv 4 at 1pm. Gary Wilson v Mark Allen

Itv 4 at 7 pm. Ronnie O’Sullivan v Mark Selby

Within the last week Wilson has a 147 and Allen has a 146, so that could be a classic match
What did he do?
2 mins into the first frame he got snookered after Selby got a fluke. He missed 3 times but the ref didn't realise he should have been warned after the second time and lost the frame after the third. I think Selby pointed out the mistake and Ronnie was warned he had one more chance. So he hammered the cue ball down the table and spread the balls everywhere. So petulant.