Snooker thread


Anyone been watching? Getting to the business end of the tournament now. By end of today we'll have the quarter final line up. All the big guns still left in
Aye should be a cracking last few days, all of the top boys look in good nick and also the likes of Gould n Brecel going under the radar but playing really well.

Also going to be Mark King or Paul Deauville the 17yo amateur going to be in the QF line up.


Ronnie was on for a 147 there, asked what the prize was for a 147, told there was none just the 5 grand high break prize.

Got to 120 seemed he then deliberately played short for the yellow and missed it


Trump out. Ronnie through.

don’t like that new one presenting on Eurosport. Talks a lot of shit and keeps interrupting people.


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An entertaining final. Higgins very gracious and dignified in defeat.
Very honest appraisal from him saying he doesn't have it at the top level anymore
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