Snooker 2020 thread


Trump appears to have hit the wall tonight so far. Looks like 7-4 to Neil and 3-0 tonight

could be back on now. 7-6 to robertson

@chopsfc007 still watching?

trump somehow back at 7-7 when he looked gone altogether
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A great final to round off a great week

thats me finished people. I’ve took a slur to many tonight and won’t be around much.

it’s been a joy to read your posts, so thank you for making the snooker even more enjoyable. Stay safe and good luck
Don't let the idiots win


Trump 3-0 v Bingham. A ton break by trump aside, both not playing well today.

bingham is having a big problem into the left middle, as seen from the camera view at the black end. He has missed four times into that pocket alone.

foulds reckons his allignment on the shot is not correct