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Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcforever, Jun 4, 2019.

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  2. I was stitched up by someone I went out of my way to help today. I did a very slight swerve around a bit of bureaucracy that's effectively given him a week head start on a project with a tight deadline & made the mistake of letting him see me do it & he was straight on to my boss & his boss about it. At least the snake has lost his week's head start & I'm an interim appointment so will only have to work with him another 3 weeks.
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    Sounds thick as mince! Have you asked him why he grassed you up? Did he realise you were giving him a head start?
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    What's the project, what's the project, I'm so intrigued!
  5. Haven't spoken to him since & yeah I gave him all the paperwork he'd need to fill in & told him that as he was senior enough to be one of the 2 signatories needed & the other 2 possible signatories are off site until next week I'd set things up to the point it would be then as I already know both the others had wanted to get this going before they left last week.

    Ironically it's to create a server cluster to host a workflow application to replace the paper based systems that the 2 sides of a recently merged organisation are currently using & which is causing massive delays because the redundancies to eliminate duplicate roles for the new structure has meant that the managers are now split between 2 sites so can't always sign physical paperwork :lol:
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    A typical management balls up then.
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    Will be plenty of organisations paying Microsoft for continued support for Windows 7 beyond the public support end date. Mostly government ones like.

    Some are still paying for XP :lol:
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    Government tight that's why :lol:

    I worked at the NHS and when wannacry happened had to litalary pull the plug on the server at the trust I worked at.

    You'd think after that they would scrap all XP.. they didn't :rolleyes:
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    Incredibly, there are people working in hospitals, using operating systems that were released before they were born :lol:

    Can you imagine if you were still using Windows 10 in 2040?!
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    Gonna learn more on SCCM do the exam.

    Contracting get like 350-500 daily rate for supporting SCCM, packaging etc
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    The want bashing over the head with a shovel imo
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    Windows 10 is spot on like. I can imagine Windows in 2040 will be through augmented reality

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    Oh aye, if I don't have VR spreadsheets by 2030 I will be very upset. Running down the office trying to highlight all the cells man. Great crack.

    Windows 10 is alright unless you work in the public sector where the laptops have been on the go since Windows 7 was a lad. We've only had Win10 for about a year.
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    I heard it was £50 per machine to get the continued support. Unsure how true that is but overheard it at work.

    Thats for Windows 7

    Majority of machines that had Windows 7 didn't have SSD in though so what I'm doing at moment is upgrading everyone to Windows 10 and upgrading their kit if haven't got an SSD.
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    My home laptop has an SSD, doubt my work one does. Is the performance difference that noticeable?
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    Massive mate, some users machines without SSD took like a minute to boot up and to login.

    With the same amount of data on the machine and Windows 10 with an SSD takes like 5 seconds to boot up.

    Even had some users took like 5 minutes they said they would login go makes coffee come back and still wasn't on desktop screen
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    I'm not being robbed of my coffee time. Stay the fuck away from my laptop :lol:
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    Hahaha not the first time I've heard that!

    Some users are like oh that's brilliant others are like that means I have to do more work.

    Especially when get set up with new phone that has emails on as well.

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    My mate has done that for years, it's class when it comes off. :lol:

    Little serpents. Niiiice.
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