Snitches at work

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safcforever, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. :rolleyes:Useless you man.
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    Some people work in some weird places mind.

    There’s no drama, no fighting over holidays, people turn up, do their work and go home.
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    I bet you wear 1980's clothes as well.
  4. Except that one cone that's always emailing the boss...
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    Coming from you :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    They prefer to use there own "user-friendly" application called Software Centre. It communicates with SCCM so only apps available to the users profile are available for them to download.

    They prefer it all to go through that rather than us just be able to put in the machine name and deploy via SCCM. It's a pain though as takes ages for the software to replicate into Software Centre so a lot of time sat waiting for it to appear so we can download.

    Haven't even been given offline source files either for slow sites, just have to wait or bring the machine to a site with better connection.
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    Microsoft Software Centre is just client side though and important updates/software can be forced, you don't need to click on them when it appears in the list. Replication only takes 20 mins max and we have deployment sites in China, Germany, Russia and Brazil.

    Benefits of it are allowing a user to install stuff when they aren't busy. But like I say important stuff can be forced on, no waiting for a user to install it.
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  9. BigPete

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    They say it takes 20 minutes max but that's not the case where I work, been times been waiting hours even with another machine on the network acting as a seed.

    Been cases when been waiting over 3 hours for Citrix to appear even though been in the relevant group in AD for hours as well. Even worse if at a site with slow connection.

    Even when go into Configuration Manager and run the actions to try force it along. If I could just deploy it all via SCCM be much easier, could just Upgrade the OS, Move OU, Migrate data and then go into SCCM and deploy it all but need to do it via Software Centre
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    I can do all of that without needing a user interaction with Software Centre though.

    Software Centre is just the evolution of configuration manager.
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    Takes one to know one...
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    See the nerds are ruining this thread.
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    Eh, I’m no snitch.
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    Yea I know but before we get the Laptops signed off we need to ensure it's all there rather than just put them in the groups and say it will automatically install.

    If we had the relevant admin permissions I could just do it without having to go into Software Centre either but they don't give us them.. :confused:

    Got 3 Laptops here all upgraded, data migrated and been waiting an hour for software to appear now. Where as if they gave us full functionality within SCCM rather than just being able to remove machines when doing re-builds I could just force it all going now.

    Far from a nerd me mate, don't even have a PC in my house just using skills I've picked up over the years to earn money.
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    You're not a proper IT person then in a department? Maybe I'm missing something but you'd have that access.

    Contractor rolling out images perhaps?
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    Yea contract work, Windows 10 upgrade.

    I know exactly what you meant but unfortunately this is the way they said they want it done.

    Bit frustrating at times but suppose end of the day it means the project lasts longer so earn more money :cool:
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    Now it makes sense why you can't do things. Why didn't you say that in the first place :p
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    Haha true!

    Was thinking this guy's telling me how to suck eggs :lol:

    Loads of roll out work out at the moment with the Windows 7 support ending, canny wage too just obviously won't last forever.

    Hopefully be looking till September/November
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    I ran a small sales office of about eight telesales staff in Newcastle for a few months while the MD was in Tenerife starting another business. Staff were six lasses and two lads. One day I noticed a slight sweaty socks aroma in the office but as I sat about 12 feet away from the sales area it didn't really affect me. One afternoon the mouthiest lass came to me and told me that if I didn't address the matter of the sweaty sock smell the lasses were going to down the phones in protest. She identified the culprit as being one of the lads who had only recently joined the company.

    I kept him back after work and as gently as I could told him his feet stank and he needed to do something about it. The poor lad almost burst into tears saying he showered every morning so I suggested he should rotate his choice of footwear from time to time. He promised he would, went home and never came back.
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    Most likely you’re seen as the snitch and they hide all that stuff from you in case you run to the boss
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