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  1. :lol:
  2. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    "Boris the Blade?"
    "As in Boris the Bullet Dodger?"
    "Why do they call him the Bullet Dodger?"
    "Because he dodges bullets Avi"
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  3. vote quimby

    vote quimby Striker

    It's as good as gangster film can get. Soundtrack is brilliant aswell.
  4. For action there a reaction
  5. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    Nobody brings somebody as big as him unless they're trying to say something
  6. Cosmopolitan

    Cosmopolitan Winger

    Could never get away with Lock Stock but Snatch is superb.
  7. Billy Batts

    Billy Batts Striker

    Even Mike Reid is good in it.
  8. jamieboy

    jamieboy Midfield

    so what do i call you then? ... bullet? ..tooth?

    ' you can call me susan if it makes you feel better'
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  9. West_Winger

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  10. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    "don`t take the piss Boris"
  11. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle Boy Striker

    Lock Stock has aged terribly
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  12. Rubberglove

    Rubberglove Midfield

    He ain’t a set of fucking car keys, is he?
  13. Cypher

    Cypher Winger

    LSATSB is by far the better of the two. It at least feels realistic whereas while Snatch has it's moments is too derivative.
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  14. jamieboy

    jamieboy Midfield

    Heavy.....Heavy is good, if it doesn't work you can always hit him with it
  15. West_Winger

    West_Winger Midfield

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  16. luvulongtime

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  17. benizz

    benizz Midfield

    Remarkable but true.
  18. Dagzd1973

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