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Smoking should be banned in the UK

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Heeeed the Ball, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Market Where?

    Market Where? Striker

    Unless of course you happen to be in a country whose economy depends on tobacco revenues.
  2. alexander

    alexander Striker

    Beating up gay people with pans and burning gay people with ciggies is taking homophobia to a new level. Gay people are not the poison, it's people like you, I'm afraid.

    Do you feel the same about lesbians or is your weird hate for homosexuals directed at gay men only ?
  3. tommysparkles

    tommysparkles New Member

    Funny how this is usually the case like :lol:
  4. alexander

    alexander Striker

  5. Market Where?

    Market Where? Striker

    Its the lesbians we need to ban as thats 2 blokes going without and increasing the competion for us normal blokes - actually the bulldog lessas can carry on.

    More puffs is good news - imagine if you were the only straight bloke, you would need a forest of shitty sticks to keep the blart at bay.
  6. :lol:
  7. kirtsafc

    kirtsafc Full Back


    im not here to smell nice for you mate;)
  8. MacRowners

    MacRowners Midfield

    The arguments are simple

    its git bad for you (potenitally depending on your genes and your habit)
    Its stinky - true no rebuttal required.
    it cost the nhs a lot - true but not as much as the revenue raised from tab tax.
    It's a simple pleasure for some and a disgusting habit for others.

    Now as smerker myself the answer is simple. Prohibit the sale of tobacco and tobacco related products and make handling or distribution and offence punishable by death. I believe that however is where the money to pay for the NHS comes from so that might not be such a good idea. Then there's the black market to look after and police.

    Then we can all start on the drinkers as that costs the nhs a lot, causes no end of bother in city centres etc etc.

    When we then get drink banned. What next.

    Oh oh oh fat people. Now I believe about 20% of the population are obese. How many are fat? who knows. Being fat is not good for you. lets ban it.

    What next ..... red meat and processed meats? then what?

    We can then, once we have non smoking and non drinking people of average weight start culling the people who do not exercise. Then we can get rid of the underclass and now we have a middle class utopia living in gated communities because we don't want to talk to strangers and a happy ending as every one is only eating the odd fish,vegetables and organic greenery, living to 108 years old and being somewhat geriatric.

    oh geriatrics cost the nhs lots of money let get a euthanasia protocol in place.

    Then anyone outside the norm is reported to the office of reporting to be questioned and adjusted.

    On a serious note be careful what you ask for, there is a law of unintended consequence.
  9. Crammers

    Crammers Striker

  10. Seaham Towny

    Seaham Towny Winger

    Occasionally I have a tab when I'm drunk, I realise that yes, sometimes I may smell bad because of it and yes, it will increase my chances of dying. However I find it relaxes me and I generally find myself having some canny banter with my smoking friends while we're smoking outside a nightclub on a night out.

    If what I'm doing bothers you so much that you'd like to call for a ban on it then fine, here are a list of things that annoy me so that if you succeed in banning fags you could turn your attention to.

    • fat fuckers
    • mags
    • rising student fees
    • vegetarians who still eat fish because they think it isn't an animal

    for fuck sake as long as you don't hang around with smokers and the strangers who smoke aren't blowing it in your face or littering then why do you care so much every time you see them huddled under a bus shelter thing every now and again, surely that's their business
  11. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    I've never smoked,but fuck off.
  12. Heeeed the Ball

    Heeeed the Ball Striker

    Thanks for that super intelligent remark, a 5 year old could of offered a more salient comment............
  13. Hulkster

    Hulkster Striker

    If you were to go back hundreds of years, you wouldn't 'allow' smoking or drinking, they are both incredibly bad for both the individual and society as a whole.

    But both are too firmly established to ban them now.
  14. alexander

    alexander Striker

    Think this is the correct thread to post it in. :oops:

    Returned from the garage across the road from here to get some pipe baccy. Since I bought a pack last a couple of days back it's gone up in price. From 53 kroner to 59.50 kroner and still with just 40 grams in. The young lady at the counter said a pack of tabs have gone up from 31 kroner to 36 as well. That's a rise from £5.90 to £6.60 for a pack of baccy and from £3.45 to £4 for a pack of plain Marlboro tabs. :confused:

    But then again maybe putting up the prices could work better than a ban ?
  15. PTR

    PTR Striker

    I've never understand what it is they are trying to say when they bring that one up.

    It makes no sense whatsoever.

    They don't seem to get the idea that there are x number of things that could kill you, thus you have y% chance of dying every day - which leads to an expected age of death of z.

    By smoking, you always reduce the value of z.
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