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    Picked this up a few months ago but never started. Any tips from anyone who’s played it? Is it worth the time needed to put in as I’ve heard it’s long.
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    My favourite game ever, I've easily sank over 1000 hours into it across all playthroughs since it came out in 2011.

    You can't really fuck up, although it can be glitchy (and it's disgusting they didn't fix these issues for the remaster and switch versions). If you have the pc version get the unofficial Skyrim patch.

    Starting tips:
    - after you leave Helgen there are a set of standing stones about a minutes jog away, stick to the path and you can't miss them. They grant a boost to a third of skills (warrior, thief, or mage). Use whichever stone has the skills you will likely use more of early on, you can change stones whenever you want.

    - First village you end up in is Riverwood. Talk to Sven or Faendal , you will get asked to deliver a letter to a local lass. Help Faendal, he can become a follower. He can train you in archery for gold (5 levels per level) and since he's a follower you can get the gold back by trading with him. That's good for getting archery up to level 50 quickly from what I remember. He can die so leave him in Riverwood and fast travel back until he hits the training cap. (Sneaky archer get overpowered to fuck so can be loads of fun)

    - In a shop called.... the Riverwood trader I think you will get a mission called the Golden claw. Complete that before going to Whiterun, finish the whole dungeon, you get a tablet at the end. You'll only get sent back to get it as part of the story so it's quicker to get it there.

    -It's worth playing the story up to the point you kill your first dragon, after that random dragon attacks start, just go and do whatever then. Some will disagree, those people are pussies, ignore them.

    General tips
    - Don't be a hoarder early on, nothing is special so feel free to flog it until you have a house. You can buy the shit house and fully upgrade it really quickly in Whiterun. It will be a long while before you need dragon bones and scales as smithing materials so just flog them, you'll have shit tons.
    -There is a horse and cart outside of Whiterun stables, it will take you to any of the main cities for a small price. I do that early on so I have all of the hold capitals available to fast travel.
    - Thieves guild in Riften is a really easy way to make money early on, Vex and Devlin will give you a random job each at a random hold capital. Once there are 4 shops on the Ragged Flagon you'll have done enough side missions to complete the thieves guild story line properly, if you leave it until later you won't need the money and it can be boring.
    -pick flowers etc and stash them in your house (there is an apothecary satchel you can dump them in once you add the alchemy lab in your house), you'll be grateful when you want to level alchemy.

    Just do what you want other than that, you'd need to actively try to create a character that is completely useless.
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    It's one of the best games in the last 15 years, possibly one of the best of all time. Definitely worth the effort.

    If you're on PC I definitely recommend checking out some of the QOL addons that are in the steam workshop.
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  4. :rolleyes: Nah it’s shite mate. Stick to FIFA :rolleyes:
  5. UTW

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    Just blast through the main quest line. You don't even need to visit 70% of the map so don't waste your time exploring and going through all the dungeons
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    Got it bought for me a while back, couldn’t get into it. Will give it another go when I get a new pc.
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    I've been getting into it over the last few weeks. Level 18, one handed with shield, got about 20k gold and nothing to spend it on. Also just ignored magic altogether and I get tortured by wizards etc. Don't know what to do now, trying to avoid the main quest as much as I can.
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    Quite possibly the worst advice on the games forum ever.

    I've done one play through as a pure mage. The least enjoyable game I've had.
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  9. UTW

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    Is it even possible? Doubt you'd be to navigate through sovengard at level 8 with shite armour
  10. Some Random Guy

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    You can probably do it at level 1.

    Unarmed Khajit, werewolf. Use followers and keep a hold of staffs that can summon creatures to fight for you.

    Bet you'd die a lot but it'd be doable. Think I'll give it a bash. :lol:
  11. Play it in vr is my tip. Outstanding
  12. Some Random Guy

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    If he's not arsed himself playing it in the first six years of release he's probably not arsed about playing in VR. :lol:
  13. True but my advice stands. I’m just gutted I put so much time in on the 2d version that I lose interest so quick now.
  14. Some Random Guy

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    That's why I went with a switch instead of PSVR and Skyrim.

    There's very little for me to do that I haven't done already.
  15. Discopants91

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    Just noticed you can get mods for it on PS4 now.

    Tempted now with that and the DLC.
  16. Some Random Guy

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    I'm going to see if I can do a level 1 run when I get home. Will roll an unarmed Khajit and see how I fare up to High Hrothgar.

    Figure I need to go without armour too.
  17. UTW

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    Level 2 by Riverwood no doubt :lol:
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    We'll see, not home yet.

    I can either limit skill increases, or just never visit the level up screen. Punching random guard's and getting myself a stint in the cells would knock progress made in skill points too.

    Sure there's a bloke with pugilist gloves on the warrens, if they have an armour rating I could disenchant those and not worry about increasing the armour stat.
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    WTF? The whole point is that you DO run off the beaten track and wander off.
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    I just got to High Hrothgar. Took less than two hours. Still level 1, not improved a single skill.

    Bad glitch: Two bandit chiefs outside of Riverwood (killed them but had to keep swimming across the river like a fanny to rest). Two fucking bandit chiefs at level 1 FFS.:neutral:

    Good glitch: Found a horse standing over a dead bandit just past the meadery as I was heading to High Hrothgar, hopped on and got there in no time. :cool:

    Irritations so far: I can only sell somewhere between 300 and 400 gold worth of items before I skill up merchantile, at that point I need to get sent to jail to reset the skills. Punched 5 guards in the face so far. :lol:
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