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  1. where?
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  3. I looked at there... how come its costing a grand for 2 days skiing... staying in a mansion. flights 200 accommodation 200, ski pass and skis £150.. 350 for booze and food.. yep.. I can see it

    I was looking at staying in Kirchberg cos its cheaper.. I'm doing Ski Welt. largest Austrian Ski area but not as wild booze wise other than Soll but thats other side of the valley
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    200 flights, 250 accommodation, 400 quid kitty and then rentals and pass.

    Work social trip so I had no choice. Cheaper as a day rate if I'd done Thurs to Sunday but need to cover the desk on Friday.
  5. as you say.. a grand
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    If we could've got away this weekend the place we're going to in Austria next month is currently £445 per person from Edinburgh, half board for a week. Still need ski hire (or carriage) and passes though - so I guess that would be £800 each in total - good value at that price.
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  7. I don’t think I’ve paid more than a grand for the week (excl spending money, but still). That’s why I go to cheap places.
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    never skied In Italy yet..just hasnt seem to work out with flights etc...cos france is getting goddam fuckin expensive , paid 8.5 euros on the hill in chamonix couple of weeks back, and in st martin 3 valleys paid 8 euros in the village for stella, was a tiny bar with a few locals and dont think the patron wanted brits in there so i think he made the price up... however two trips to bulgaria to come theprices there will even out the total ski budget for the year
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  9. Just back from 3 weeks in Colorado, half in Breck, half in Vail. Beer and drink still cheaper than France, probably on par with Austria. For the first time in 4 years the snow has been average with 2 x 12” dumps and about 5” to freshen things up.

    Total cost each for really good condos, BA flights, transfers and Season Pass about £2K a head.

    Own boards so no rental cost
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    I was hoping to get up to Scotland this week but it now looks unlikely. Gutted as there's some great snow there at the minute.
  11. Breckenridge is fantastic, loads of powder. One thing I noticed was the cost of lessons as fucking astronomical compared to Europe. Think passes were high as well.
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    Just booked another week in Bardoneccia, Italy on 18 March with Crystal ski. Sunday flight at 7.45 from Newcastle to Turin with transfer about 90 minutes. Would have liked to go to La Plagne or Tignes but poorer quality hotels were £200 per person dearer plus the ski passes are much more expensive, and then you’ve got the prices on the slopes.
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  13. Lessons are a packet so I believe- I paid £450 for a season Pass and went on the mountain 18 days, do £25 a day, plus it is valid for the lifts in the Summer and I may take a detour when I am over in the states in the Summer to do some hiking and mountain biking.

    Lessons are cheaper at Winter Park, and you can blag a private 1-1 lesson if you are cute about it for the price of a group lesson by asking how many people are booked into each level of lesson, and if there is one with no one in, put your name down late afternoon, and there is every likelihood you will be the only one booked in. It worked for us, $150 for a group lesson for 1 as opposed to $600 for a private lesson for the day
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    Wasn't he in Harry Potter?
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    It’s currently costing me about $2k for a week in Banff like
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    Flights ncl/gen £62 (with baggage/return)
    Transfer geneva/les gets/morzine - free, thanks to a mate who lives over there and has a big van.
    Chalet in les gets worked out at £210 per head for the stay (not catered obviously), but we got £47 per head back each damage deposit, we didnt break anything :lol:, so £163 each.
    For lift passes, booked online day by day for the following day, theres limited number of discounted passes available each day, this worked out approx 28 euro per day, also means if you miss a day you dont have to pay.
    Took my own boots, ski hire wasnt much at all.
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    We went to Sestriere a few years back - the Milky Way gives you loads of choice of runs so it never felt crowded and it's pretty much ski-in / ski-out. It was (technically) the last week of the season so the passes were reduced - but they got a massive dump just be before we arrived. We got a good instructor as well (that's pot luck, I guess) - it was the best week of improvement I've had. Food and accommodation not up to Austrian standards - but it wasn't a slum and wine was included with the evening meal. Had to take my son to A & E when he fell and bumped his head - they were brilliant with that as well (checked out in hospital in Turin back on the slopes the next day) all at no cost - didn't even look at our EHIC card but we all wear helmets now though!
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  18. Fucking health tourists. ;)
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    Good dump of snar today in Andorra, skiing is top notch the knars
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    must make a better effort to get to italy next year

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