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  1. I've managed to do my 4 night , 4 days skiing to the Skiwelt with a mate for £310 each. flights, car hire and 4 night sski in, ski out bed and breakfast.

    lift passes are 150 euros for 4 days and ski hire about 80 euros so about £550 all in.. but then 4 days on the piss spending money

    I reckon I can do france at Easter for family of 4 of 8 nights. Ferry £150, fuel £200, apartment £800, lift passes £800, Ski hire £300

    and then a grand in spending money. eat in some nights. if I can do 3k for family of 4 for a week then thats decent

    normally have to budget 4-5k
  2. I'm fortunate to be staying for free but flights and car hire came in around £200 - annoyingly would be similar if I went for a week! So add in passes and it comes to around £400 before I eat and drink, which as it's a lad's weekend will be a fortune! Will be awesome though so what the hell.
  3. I find Morzine cheap as chips, plenty of choice when you go up the Super Morzine lift and head up to Avoriaz.
  4. be staying in Chatel as friends have a place there.. seeing if we can get somewhere in the same complex from neighbours of thiers who might not be using it. otherwsiee loads of 1 bedromm apartments available for about 70-100 a night
  5. Chamonix is always going to be expensive though. We tend to try Italy and the likes of Andorra, much cheaper, especially the food and booze.
  6. Austria... where I normally Ski around Alpbach I'm yet to pay more than 4 euros for a large beer.

    we eat on the mountain as a fmaily of 4 at lunchtime and get chnage from £30 and that includes a couple fo pints for me and a vino for the lady.
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  7. Sestriere. Olympic slopes, 6 euros a jug of wine. Italian food. Not great night life, but means yoou don’t get the students and thumping music.
  8. I went to Sestriere as a group of 28. we made out own nightlife.

    I only want a decent bit of apres ski till 7pm then a meal and a coupel of ales after does me.
  9. Tell me about it but mate's family bought a place there in 2000 so have to balance free accommodation vs other costs. It's a great resort though.
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    Just got back on Saturday from Grindelwald in Switzerland. Just a warning for anyone going through Geneva airport, the staff are totally clueless, took nearly 3 hours to get checked in and get through security. Avoid terminal 2 like the plague.
  11. Was that going or coming back ? We went through week and a half ago. Queues to checkin/depart were out the building and round the block.
    I think they were getting embarrassed about it, so took the last hundred or so round the building, along the road to another terminal. May have been T1.
    It seems to be the same every year. Must be fixable surely.
  12. try not to fly Saturday and sundays would be my advice
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    Indeed, we returned on a friday and it was an unhurried and pleasant experience, made better by my mate buying a coffee and saying to the lass in the "jazz cafe", "how much-four euros fifty??? really", turns to me and speaks really slowly "f-o-u-r e-u-r-o f-i-f-t-y !!" :lol::lol:
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  14. Yes, that would probably solve it, so will look into that next year, as we can both travel any day. Not sure what flight availability will be midweek from Ncle, which is a must for us. That was the only ballache of the whole holiday though, so did'nt spoil it. We were even lucky enough to get extra leg room on the planes there and back.
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    Coming back mate, waited 30 minutes just to get in the terminal. Newcastle, London Gatwick,Manchester,Leeds and Edinburgh flights all checking in at the same time. Absolute chaos then with security, stopped people going through at terminal two due to people queuing outside. Was escorted down to terminal one security with around a hundred others. Took an hour to get through there, then a 20 minute walk to gate D, after queuing for another 45 minutes at passport control. A total and utter clusterfuck, never again.
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  16. I'm flying to Munich on the Thuirsday and home the monday night.

    be a doddle.. straight out and to the resort. only problem you can have by that is that lots of hotels will ony do sat to sat or sun to sun
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    Only been once , with my Middle School , we went to Voss in Norway and I loved it , done downhill and cross country and enjoyed both.
  18. T S Garp

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    Agreed, just back from a week in Pila, Italy. Much cheaper than France for ski passes, ski hire, food on slopes. A coffee was €1 to €1.50 on the slopes. Usually €4 in France.
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    Anyone ever skied in poland?
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    Going in a fortnight. Flying Friday and back Sunday with work. Nice and cheap at a grand for the weekend. That includes piss money tho which I'm sure we'll blow through
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