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  1. I doubt their local kids if they're on the nursery slopes. They're flying past you on the blacks half the time.
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  2. Rick O Shea

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    It gets much easier once you progress from snowplough to parallel turns. You're right - I really do admire & envy the ability of the little kids - but I suppose they have no sense of fear and not as far to fall!
  3. Turn on a sixpence with skis only 2 foot long
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  4. Been to Austria loads of times, but never that resort. Hope you have a great time. We mainly go January, but have had good conditions when we have gone late.
  5. Hongkongphooey

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    Haven’t been for 2 years, worried that I’ll have forgotten what I’ve learnt, I’ll find out in 12 days:-O
  6. Rick O Shea

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    Austria is my favourite - I reckon they get the right balance between the actual skiing and all the peripheral stuff.

    Good luck! It's 2 years since our last holiday although we did manage a day at the Lecht and the indoor slope in Glasgow last year.
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  7. That's cos it's Germany isn't it

    I didn't ski for over 10 years at one point. Within an hour I was fine
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  8. Ooops. Did'nt check. Took it for granted. Never really consider Germany as a skiing country, but they might say the same about britain.
  9. have some half decent places but it is limited for much of it.

    if you think about it the austrian resorts are on the German border. my favorite little resort is Wank
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  10. Rick O Shea

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    No - Bad Gastein is in Austria - about 100 km due south of Salzburg.

    That reminds me of a true story - the last time we were in Obergurgl with another family one of their lads got out of the lift on the wrong floor and walked straight into what he thought was his room only to find:-
    1. It wasn't his room.
    2. The 'gentleman' occupying the room was lying on the bed in the middle of said activity.

    We had plenty to keep the conversation going for the rest of the week!
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  11. thought all the places starting with Bad were german.. learn something new Everyday
  12. Rick O Shea

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    I think it just means 'Spa' - like Boston or Leamington.
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  13. Looking at having a long weekend skiing 1st weekend in march. I can get great flights into Munich and will hire a car.

    give me some inspiration. currently thinking of Ski Welt so Soll, scheffau and Ellmau

    could also fo where I've been numerous times is the Ski Jewel around Alpbach but be nice to try somewhere new

    only 3 maybe 4 days skiing so needs enough ground but doesnt have to be hundreds of km.

    only the two of us at present so flexible where we go

    flights booked. should manage 4 full days skiing
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  14. pfoz88

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    Just back from les gets/morzine/avoriaz and can confirm, its epic amounts of snow. Skiing knee deep powder on wednesday as it snowed all day, (nearly killed me), some of the higher resorts in lock down so i heard. Love the snaar me!!
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  15. I'd like to have tried skiing, probably have been rubbish though.

    Boarding looks harder but more fun.
  16. lenshack

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    My lads off to Bulgaria this afternoon for his annual ski trip.
    I never got much further than Weardale in the early sixties, when we had some real snow.
    Loved it, but knackered me knee joints up, so that was the end of it.

    Skiing in a pair of green wellies probably didn’t help. :-O
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  17. pfoz88

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    Were a mixed group, boarders get called "Speedy Boarders" (ala easyjet), coz their not!!
    Fair play to one of the lads who is a really decent boarder, who rented skis for a day to give it a go, and did pretty well, he said the skiing felt much faster too. Boarding seems really cool but spend a few days on the mountain with them and they spend more time sitting on their arse than anything else, skiers rule.
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  18. Boarding is more fun when the snow is deep and fresh. When its hard packed, its painful. Thursday and friday in Avoriaz, it snowed like hell. Great skiing. Just back, as in post by pfoz 88.
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  19. still plenty of snow coming down.. 3 weeks thursday I'll be on the plane

    missus has come round to wanting to drive to Portes du Soleil at easter now too.

    reckon I can do it on a smallish budget... well ski hiore and lift passes excepted.
  20. Ski holidays do refine the term smallish budget though! Off to Chamonix that weekend and pass for 3.5 days is more than 230 Euros.
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