Should the BBC licence fee be scrapped

No, I don't think it should be.

The BBC gets a disproportionately high level of grief for it's alleged biases - but these biases tend to come from across the political and social spectrum and are often unfounded, suggesting that the BBC is doing a decent job.

I think it has a vital role to play as a non-commercial broadcaster that is ultimately responsible to the licence-payers and the state, rather than a single commercial entity who may seek to use it's autonomous control of a broadcaster to further the political ideology of it's owner or board.

On those grounds, I think it is crucial that the BBC continues in its existence in its current format. This is all without adding that it produces a wide range of high-quality content across several mediums and has a stellar international reputation for reliable, trustworthy journalism.


Just people who dont wanna pay anything rather than any reasons that will be listed on the petition like

General Zod

“I’m not sick, why should I pay for the NHS?”

Sometimes public goods are important, I believe this is the case for the bbc
Being able to watch tv is not a matter of life & death and the nhs isnt funded by a flat fee by everyone that uses it, regardless of their income. There are no other affordable alternatives than the nhs so its not the best of analogies mate. A basic netflix package works out at about half the cost of the annual fee for the license, what's wrong with giving people a choice instead of forcing them to pay for stuff they're not that bothered about watching?


No it shouldn't, the people who want this generally want our media to be exclusively fed through the filters of media sources owned by billionaires. Or at least they've bought in to their bullshit.

General Zod

Bbc is worth every penny - news, sports and music coverage is as good as it gets - plus it produces and awful lot of quality tv
Are saying its worth every penny for you and a few others only or are you saying its worth every penny for everyone? If the latter & it really is great value for money then why not put it that to the test and make it a subscription service?