Shooting in a mosque in NZ...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by elder, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Charlie Chimp

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    I thought that too.
  2. Is your answer seriously the government? That's working out really well, isn't it?

    We've already agreed that inciting violence is a crime. We don't need hate speech laws. Hate speech is just stuff the government says you can't say. What happens when they ban your speech. What will you do then?
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  3. The Muffin Man

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    Got people like Choudry off the streets, the problem is to date its not being applied equally, if it was Tommy Robinson would be in jail not just banned by social media companies.

    Authorities been so busy tracking Islamic extremists they have taken their eye of the ball. Thought they would have taken the Norwegian loon as a hint but they didnt and here we are again.

    This guy was not known to Australian cops, look at the mental stuff he posts, how was he not known to cops?
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  4. Tommasi

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    Aye video games are the reason this happened. Fuck all to do with the right wing press pushing agendas. This is what happens when you have people like Katie Hopkins labelling people "cockroaches"
  5. GK

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    Both sides of what?
  6. Charlie Chimp

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    Whilst I share in your indignation mate. I don't see more laws a better thing like Ross is saying. Allow the incumbent government more control over our lives will lead us only one way. To 1984
  7. GK

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    The law

    Vote for someone else
  8. Charlie Chimp

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    Mate some people feel better if they put their head in the sand. "Bloody video game loneman mental nutter". Funny these lines don't get trotted out if Admiral and his followers do anything bad.
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  9. bigmarlon

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  10. Smartin

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    Certainly not, but heavily influenced what has happened.
  11. I don't think they do but they desensitize kids to these type of events..

    Same with porn.. young lads think it's fine to gang bang a lass etc as if it's normals They are desensitized and lose the emotiknal attachment
  12. We need a common catchphrase along the lines of the Admiral one for these types of situations so that we can more easily pigeon hole the perps.

    As it stands they split between lone wolf, random nutter, neo nazi, mentally ill ... far too much fragmentation.
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  13. Yet if he'd been an Islamic terrorist everyone would be up in arms that he wasn't being watched.
  14. the boot

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    Terrible news this like.
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  15. Charlie Chimp

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    Careful. Mods be mods
  16. Aituk7

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    My lass's step dad and step brother are both brown skinned muslims.

    They've experienced racism off people but it's not this waiting tinderbox that could explode at any minute.

    They certainly don't feel fearful or expect it to go down any minute as sonson appeared to be describing.

    And when I've been out with them no one's ever said anything. Her step brother is a proper gobby lads lad aswell and even when hes had arguments in the pub etc. I've never heard anyone call him something racist.
  17. ajthemackem

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    Well I won't argue with that, I agree.
    Fact is though that's prevalent in books, movies, 24 hour news coverage, TV... Fucking social media...

    The march of progress tends to be beset by an increased exposure to the world at large, for better or worse.
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  18. gazc24

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    It will be mental issues soon
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  19. robbied1

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    So they are not free to say what they want, as there are consequences fpr doing so. Its like saying people are free to murder people, they are not because you will end up serving life

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