Shaun Keaveny

Leaving 6music. I know he’s a bit marmite, but I like him.

Well I like marmite, but I'm not keen on Keaveney. Too much of him and not enough music.


Terrible, stale show...listening figures must have gone down the pan since he took over from Rad Mac. No doubt 6 Music will give the gig to some young club DJ like the equally awful Jem Supernova.
I think he’s canny like.
Reet bunch of miserable tests this lot.

Caught a few bits of Ezra Furman’s show the last few days. Celebrating LGBT, which sounds like nothing I’m interested in, but the I was wrong. Some of the stuff he had on was top notch & I hadn’t heard of most of the bands. Going to go back through the playlists & make my own Spotify playlist based on what he played.