Serious question


It's all about morals I suppose. However uk law is a strange one, kids can smoke at sixteen but can't legally buy cigarettes until their eighteenth birthday.

Similarly fourteen year old children can drink a glass of wine with a meal yet can't buy alcohol until their eighteenth birthday..


as we know children are not allowed to have a replica kit with a sponsor on that is either gambling, alcohol or betting.

How come what a young player under 18 plays for his team he can wear one?

A child is classed as someone under 18.

Serious question. Is there some rule about it?
great rule

means we can get our new kits with no sponsor as the u18's szes are same as the mens
Always makes me laugh that rule.

You can have a kid watch Stoke play in the Bet365 Stadium surrounded by Bet365 ad hoardings wearing Bet365 shirts before Ray Winstone shouts at them at half time to have a bet with Bet365 just in case they haven't clocked it yet.
Welcome to the modern world where Hypocrisy, Irony and Contradiction are no longer considered by the PC & Woke brigade.


If you’re alluding to grassroots teams then there are rules regarding what can go on the strips.
When you affiliate with the FA each year you have to declare what will be on the kits.
What about sixteen your old league players? That should also count?


Are they? Or is this just West Ham?
probbal just us due to being sponsored by a betting company so they have to offer shirts up ti 18 without the sponsor

most clubs do up to under 16's and then adults. So our u18 sizes are the same as mens

meaning we can al have the shirt without a sponsor