September 18th live footy on tv

Morning marra,Agreed! What was the point in giving them and us hope pre-season then going back to his old ways which offer little if any promise
Morning petal kins

My da nearly fainted earlier

One I showed up at his place sober

I don't live there anymore lol

Don't kna what surprised him more

Moi being sober or getting the address still
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Good morning everyone, another football free day for me.

Looks like another nice day coming up, good day to be out and about at a safe distance. May go into York for a wander round.

Are EPL for real wanting crowds back?

Stay safe and stay well folks, the virus is on the move, NE under new restrictions, Leeds and Harrogate could get them soon by the looks of things. 😷 🌈👍
Morning CFG. I think so mate.
Morning heroes...I've been wrestling with this non inclusion of the young lads. I'm hoping Parkinson is saying to the incumbents, "your job to lose."

Start with the vets and pull em out if they are failing. I mean, I hope so at this point.

Morning hank and all...and a happy, safe and sound Friday.
Morning OC. I don’t know how it’s motivation for the young lads that showed in pre season. He tells everyone he wants to give youth a chance. Tells everyone how impressed he was with them in pre season, yet there’s not one of them included in last weeks match day squad. Baffling mate.
Just the Coventry game for me.
Morning Vic. Canny morning marra.
Morning Hank and all from Manila, Philippines.

Supermarket run before work today, no beer or football for me.

3300 cases yesterday and the powers that be have decided to reduce the social distancing gaps on public transport 🙈🙈🙈 I'm no scientist but just sounds like a bad move to me. I walk everywhere these days , don't see me getting public transport anytime soon.

Stay safe everyone.
Morning TVM. Seems a few places are putting the economy first now mate.
Morning Dilli

Nose waxed at least
morning mate
I’d pay to watch that 😂😂😂
Morning Cure fans
Friday I'm in love
Have a great day
Morning WillD 👍
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Morning MM & all

Just having a break from graft, did you hear radio 5 earlier? The Jolly Fisherman, Northumberland pub was on talking about impact of local lockdown. She mentioned cottages they own being cancelled- in Crastet. Made me think of thou.

Catch ya later
Morning Wakey. Hopefully they’ve got a bit money saved to help them through this.
A massive arsehole? That's not very nice to call hank mind.
Perish the thought. 😂😂 I love him to bits man.