Sept & Oct Competition - BLACK & WHITE - ENTRIES

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We've not had B&W for 2 years and it normally proves to be popular. We also have some new members who may not have done much work in B&W, so this could be really fun.

This is a massively open theme. Anything goes but it must be black and white. Personally I'll be asking the questions (in my mind) "Why is this B&W? What does it add to the picture?"

It's worth pointing out now that sepia is not black and white. And it's generally rank! Also, selective colour... just don't :rolleyes::lol:

Some examples to get your creative juices flowing....
15 Tips For Stunning Black and White Photography
And of course just google Black and White Photography and click the image tab.

Photos from now until end of Monday 5th November (might as well give you that extra weekend for shooting). Then;
  • Post your picture directly in this thread. Please keep the previous rules of no larger than 2000 pixels on long edge, 5MB in size.
  • You can enter up to 3 photos
  • Please consider adding EXIF data, e.g. camera, lens, ISO, aperture, shutter speed.
Please just keep this thread for photo entries. Any discussion required, please use the discussion thread.

Thanks - good luck and enjoy shooting.

Not open for further replies.