Sending your child to London

Discussion in 'SMB' started by becs, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Yes have done that before. She was really into Egyptian history when they did it at school, so we went to Arsenal away and stopped over so I could take her to the British Museum as they have loads of Egyptian stuff.

    It was the novelty of going with her mates rather than me that she was keen on.
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    It also gives them the feeling of independence and starting the process of becoming adult enough to be trusted to do stuff without worried parents. They do not know you will worry about them whatever their age. Not until they are in similar position years down the line.
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    I've done this trip for the last two years. We take 80 year 7 pupils and 8 members of staff, on 2 coaches. We don't use the tube purely for the logistics of getting 80 kids on and off, the coach gets us as close as we can to our destination then we walk them.

    We set off from stockport early morning, arrive just after dinner, go to a museum, pizza express then a west end show in the evening.

    Off to a hotel for around 11.30pm, the kids are sent straight to bed in groups of 3's or 4's. They are under strict instructions not to leave their rooms unless its an emergency, they are given the room numbers of staff. They are also given the mobile numbers of 2 school mobiles which staff carry in case they need to get in touch.

    The next day is a tour of the globe theatre then Harry Potter world before getting back to school about 9pm.

    After the Westminster attack a couple of years ago there were some parents who took their kids off the trip and got a refund, however there were enough on a waiting list to take their place and get it back up to 80.

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    Don’t know about their hq but they had a hostel in sarf ken when I worked there about 30 yrs ago.

    Do shops ap Norff have “no more than two schoolchildren at a time” signs in them?

    Me dad reckoned we brought four top class players through then. Todd, Tueart, Stronach and Park. Two lost too injury. Charlton rated him anarl he reckoned.
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    The US diplomatic service must be so proud...
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    Fucking fannies

    Sorry for your daughter though
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    Most truthful post so far...

    Welcome to Sunderland
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    The BBC website video of it all is car crash TV at its very finest - he has apologised and admitted his error apparently
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    Took his time...
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    I still have the picture of a few of us in there.
  11. I hate to interrupt the standard Sunderland-bashing on here but a cursory google reveals that cancelling school trips to London (and elsewhere) because of terrorism fears is a nationwide problem
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    i'll add the context of a sunderland football club based message board... i could have said newcastle\north east\england\great britian...

    the subtle bashing i was aiming for were the wearside daily mail reading brexit voters - our own basket of deplorables.
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    Bit like any other ‘world city’

    Walked from Kings Cross to Euston last night and it didn’t look run down to me in fact it’s improved a lot over the years.

    Apart from me I didn’t notice any other drunks every ten yards .. and didn’t feel in any danger of being mugged.

    There was the odd homeless person, not half as noticeable as there are in Newcastle. Have you been there?

    Changed trains from Sunderland after the Birmingham game and went for a pint near Central the drunks and homeless every ten yards were a Lot more noticeable than Kings Cross
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    There were Muslims singing in Glasgow cathedral yesterday. Their harmonies were spot on and it was amazing to listen to. The utter bastards!
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    Taking over our cathedrals now.
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    This is one of the biggest loads of shit I've ever read on here. Which is quite something.
  17. Only thing would bother me would be locked corridors. If there was a fire you are not meant to be locked in.

  18. They can't possibly be locked in, it'll be an alarmed fire door
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