Sending your child to London

Discussion in 'SMB' started by becs, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. becs

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    Just a straw poll as I'm proper fummin about something!

    If you had a child in Year 6 (age 10-11), would you be willing to send them on a school trip to London? It would include travelling down by train, staying in a Youth Hostel for two nights and visiting popular tourist attractions by Tube.
  2. The Raven

    The Raven Winger

    My daughter asked about this when she was the same age. I said no.

    JAZZMANB Striker

    Yes,mine went to harry potter thing year before last and did the exact thing,youth hostel etc,same age
  4. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    YES BUT HOW MUCH ARE THEY TRYING TO ROB YOU FOR IT. And now without shouting :oops:

    I know they can`t legally charge you but how much of a d"donation" are they leaning on your for?
  5. no issue at all. no different to any other school trip kids go on these days.
  6. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    That's basically my opinion as well.
  7. safc1981

    safc1981 Full Back

    The little one did it last year and is going again this year.
    Coach down
    Hotel near the airport for some reason
    And take coach to their trip destinations, which includes theatre
  8. mux

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    My man and dad sent me to Coventry instead.
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  9. heroesof73

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    If the bairn wanted to go I would be fine with it. I wadnt talk them into it if they were so so but having some independence does them good in my opinion. No doubt there would be plenty rules about keeping us up to date etc from Mum mind.
    Mind those days are long gone for me:lol:
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  10. Depends how much you trust the teachers
  11. jlaws

    jlaws Midfield

    No problem whatsoever.
  12. Sleepy

    Sleepy Striker

    Yes, without a doubt.
  13. Keith S30S

    Keith S30S Inside right Staff Member Contributor

    Assuming there was plenty of adult supervision aye why not.

    What I was fuming about was when my son came home about 5 years ago and announced he needed over £3K to go Africa. Ridiculous amount of cash to find and felt like we were paying through the nose (well for a freebie for the teachers).

    He still went but I thought it was a piss take.
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  14. Some Random Guy

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    No issue here.

    When I was year 7 we did a trip to Eurodisney/Paris. The couple of days in Paris we were left to our own devices. The only issues were the Ninja stars and porn we bought from "lookie lookie" men.

    I assume there would be more supervision these days.
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  16. Why not ?
  17. Schwarzy

    Schwarzy Full Back

    No chance, teachers are well dodgy.

    And Muslim extremists terrorism.
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  18. some of the trips my 2 get a chnace to go on are mental.... I let them do the short europe trips but the south america, Africa , India trips are just silly priced

    I have one going to ww1 battlefields in a few weeks and that about £180. travel dead early friday. one night in hotel and back Saturday evening. wouldnt mind but they will stay in a flea pit accommodation not even A half decent IBIS or something
  19. Fosters Mackem

    Fosters Mackem Midfield

  20. No issues at all.

    Eldest went last year when she was 10.

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