Semi retirement


This reminded me of a lad i worked with who would start talking like he was answering a question you hadn't asked ...

Aye,me and our lass just ordered a pizza ,just fancied a change from the Chinese ,then we watched that Bruce willis film we'd taped (90s )


Close, but no coconut. You are right 57% of £100 is better than 100% of nothing.

However, I'm in the fortunate position of having enough set aside to choose not to work.

If I start to draw down one of my pensions and live off my buy-to-let income rather than putting it in to pensions I will be £200 a week behind what the new IR35 take home is.
I've decided the level of BS and politics involved in the contract I was on is not worth £200 a week. (200/37 = £5.40 an hour)

I'm having the Summer off, if I hate my extra liesure time, or get bored I'll look around for something new. (I do not expect this to happen)

58 is three years later than I planned to retire but I don't see that as a failure (an expensive divorce upset the master plan).

Maybe Jason Statham should play me in the movie rather than Daniel Craig.
So what is the point of your post?
Ooooh look at me Im having the summer off graft cos I can, ffs man.