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Hi Roger & co, I have a load of old footie programmes I want to sell (my mam had a bit of a clearout :roll:). I obviously don't want to Spam any of the main forums with this, so wondered if there's a policy on this - I couldn't find anything on the FAQs. I'm not a dealer of any sort.


The Gaffer
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The policy is strictly no advertising.

There was a time when we had the classified ads forums for things like this but they were underused and were deleted.

I am considering bringing these back again as I don't really mind personal trades like this being through RTG, its just if we allow it on the main forums it seems to snowball and advertising posts keep getting bumped to the top.

Rather than have the main boards full of "spam", the policy is we don't normally allow anything without prior agreement.

Watch this space for changes.
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