Self Isolation game plans


seen the other day that its on sale for £11. very tempted to get it

It's good like, very linear if that matters to ya. Well worth £11
Haven't self isolated but I have played (or attempted) to play through a few games in the last few months of lockdown.

Infamous Second Son - most fun I've had playing an open world type game since maybe Saints Row 4 or Sunset Overdrive.

RDR2 - very good game, really enjoyed the story and the vast map was a good time killer collecting various stuff.

Far Cry 5 - Bland but pretty. 3rd game still the best in the series by a mile.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Plot is a rehash of previous game, characters are dull as owt. Not a patch on the 2013 reboot, they should have left it there.

I've got to get back to that. I think I got bogged down in wanting to clean out areas so much so I got bored. Will just mainline it if I start up again.
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