Sega megadrive mini


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Nar, I've got my old megadrive hooked up, plus pretty much every mega drive game made on a mac emulator, just use the PS4 controller.


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Yes I'll probably buy one for meself for Christmas if they're readily available. Love the SNES one, barely used the Playstation one.


Ive got the nes and snes mini's and have the megadrive mini preordered. I have all the games on a pi but the minis look great. Didnt go for the playstation one as the graphics are terrible on it.


no the cartridge slot is too small and just a gimmick.
Sounds to complicated to me ,a wouldnt know how to put the games on
I thought that when I had a nose so got an emulator called Retroarch - loving it atm, and syncs up my Xbox controller seamlessly. All sorts of ps1 and ps2 classics on the gan.

Not that hard to do either.