Seating & social distancing at Stadium of Light. whats coming ?


Reserve Squad
What will next seasons seating arrangements be at the SOL ? . Maybe time to ditch the seats at roker end ? Probably.. singing banned, bars closed and what about half time toilet maybe you can book an appointment ?. Social distancing Nightmare ! Good luck with that one Mr Rodwell
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Fact Hunt

If season ticket numbers have reduced by the numbers spoken about on here, I reckon social distancing won’t be a problem if the whole ground was opened up.


15000 max in stadium I’ve heard.
Won't be an issue if these clowns are still in charge. I can see attendances slumping regardless of social distancing
I doubt fans will be allowed into grounds next season. Can see a second wave hitting the UK soon
Where you getting this from? There have been no 2nd waves reported anywhere, unless you mean 2nd spike?


Be horrific to manage. Won’t be able to arrive/leave when you want. Will be sitting by yourself so there’ll be no atmosphere and you won’t be able to get pints at HT.

The full thing will be an uncomfortable experience and not one id want to go through.


Don't think its just the numbers in the stadium that is the problem, its getting to and from the ground, gathering in and around pubs, public transport etc.
Why do you think a second wave is hitting soon ?
Well Leicester, Doncaster and MK being reported as having large number of new cases. Sky news reporting 36 areas of concern..... So yeah not looking too clever.

Sunderland predictably on that list.
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You get one of them rubber bubbles you climb in outside and roll in to the ground. Seats replaced by little holes you plonk your bubble into. It's got 2 little flaps where you can get beer delivered and one for pissing out of.

It's the future.
Laughed out loud picturing that.