Every day's a school day mate!
Aye. It's as if I haven't lived in the vicinity of these second-rate flying rats for the last 7 years. Obviously not wanting to send them to a painful lonely death on a daily basis and certainly not wanting to send their 'lovely' chicks to the ether makes a decent fella. Great bunch of lads.


No such thing as a seagull.

Still horrible twats though, and amazingly imo a protected species.
Yep, back in the day people (licensed) were allowed to go onto a landfill site and shoot them willy nilly, these days by law they're only allowed to shoot 50 a year. And a landfill site attracts f***ing hundreds of the bastards each day


I was going along Seaburn on my bike on Sunday morning when a load of seagull shite landed about two foot in front of me. Looked around and they was two of the fuckers sitting on top of a lamp post.
Sure the twats were aiming for me.


We had a baby seagull that had fell onto the garage roof. It was a bit dodgy going outside due to being attacked by the parents. I had to wait until it was at the front of the garage and turned the hose on it and sort let it slip off the roof into the front garden. Possible splattered by a car by now but we no longer get attacked. so every silver lining and all that

I love my hose....