Seaburn Stack

I like the idea of it and it's good to see something new in sunderland. I just think after the first few months it will struggle

Yeah the key difference to the one at Newcastle, is at Newcastle you will have people just going there for it as well as loads of passing trade just dropping in, as in town centre, where the Seaburn one you would imagine just going there for that which could be great in the summer, but who would be knocking about in the winter as passing trade very little I would imagine.

the boot

There's no way that that place will get the footfall necessary to support all of those businesses.

White elephant in the making imo
I think that’s the whole point of it being temporary. It’s good to see them trying tbf. The existing pubs and restaurants are busy all year around down there so no reason for this place not to be.
As for pulling people in from other areas that remains to be seen.

vote quimby

Just my opinion but I think you will find a lot of people from Whitburn, Cleadon, Boldon and South Tyneside use it
Same, be class on and Indian summer sort of day along there. We all tend to have a Christmas lads day out along Roker, with this added to the route, I cant wait.