Scousers Walk Out?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Porridge, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Scousers planning a walk out on 77th minute on Saturday in protest at new ticket pricing :eek:

    I suppose them all lighting candles would be against Health & Safety regulations ;)
  2. LineTrash

    LineTrash Striker

    Raising prices with all that tv money coming in, is a disgrace.
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  3. 007

    007 Central Defender

    We should follow suit in protest to Short
  4. To be fair they probably won't be the only ones to do it but surely an FSF led protest involving fans from all clubs would be better?
  5. LineTrash

    LineTrash Striker

    I know they wont...and that's a disgrace.

    If it was me, I would drop season ticket prices but raise game day tickets...give the loyal fans a break.
  6. Mallard

    Mallard Winger

    Infairness when to compare our ticket prices to others we are doing ok.
  7. CollingwoodFTM

    CollingwoodFTM Striker

    We'll be getting a 21% increase in the number of league games next year.
  8. Disco_Pants93

    Disco_Pants93 Winger

    Can't see it affecting the world famous anfield atmosphere. You won't know the difference.
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  9. Noggin

    Noggin Winger

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  10. Grumpy Old Man

    Grumpy Old Man Striker

    You mean it'll still be like a library?
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  11. Blyth

    Blyth Striker

    Probably be 3-0 up will help that
  12. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    We usually have a walk out on the 80th minute.

    Bantz etc
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  13. Jardin

    Jardin Striker

    Hope the players walk out anarl.
  14. Hoon

    Hoon Winger

    The league could easily put a cap on ticket prices if they wanted to n all. Problem is there is absolutely no interest in the common fan these days as long as the grounds are relatively full still.
  15. Yet they take the piss out of us for setting tickets at affordable prices :rolleyes:
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  16. BigWig

    BigWig Striker

    should be £10 a game maximum so more people can attend
  17. Their walk up tickets are already 50 quid mate. How much would you charge a walk up fan?
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  18. scallyban

    scallyban Central Defender

    Do we? I've genuinely never heard anyone take the piss out of Evertons ticket prices.
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  19. gipetto

    gipetto Striker

    Fair play to them.
  20. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Never understood this mind, the mags used to do the same all the time. As if we would be gutted about it :lol:
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