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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Son of Stan, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Arkle

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    Ah, okay. Not sure it's enough for me to crack and subscribe to Netflix...
  2. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Striker

    I wouldn't for that alone. But definitely would for Godless, Alias Grace, Better Call Saul, Rita (Scandi drama) the Crown (new series with Olivia Colman coming soon) and Mindhunter, to name a few. :)
  3. Arkle

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    I struggle to watch what I want to watch anyway without another set of options...
  4. errant

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    I've not seen any of black lake, but going off this place i'm not missing anything either which is a shame...

    will check it out - tak - reviews on imdb have it as either 10/10 or 1/10 so appears to be a marmite kind of series!

    Never really found much to watch from that collection, other than the excellent deutschland 83 a few years back - however its prompted me to google the second series which appears to have come out october last year in germany, but as deutschland 86... hopefully it appears somewhere over here sooner rather than later as i really enjoyed that first time round.

    i noticed last night that they've restored series 1-4 on netflix uk - i watched half the first series and kinda then forgot about it, when i went to pick it up again the series had disappeared and the only the latest one was there (which i think you said was very different but very good?).
  5. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Striker

    Yes it is very different and probably doesn't matter too much if you've missed some as she starts a new life. And it's more about a time in her past - and they managed to find a young actress who is staggeringly like Mille Dinesen, it's almost an incredible likeness. Give it a watch.

    It gives you another choice over watching Vera. :p:lol:
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  6. It's on the pirate bay. The plot is a bit ridiculous but it's worth watching. The documentary at the end of the series is excellent as well. There's going to be a Deutschland 89 and maybe even a fourth series.
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  7. errant

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    Would a decent looking Mads vehicle change your mind?

    Drops in two weeks...

    What would you rate it out of 10? Confused that it’s ridiculous & worth watching?

    Thought 83 was excellent, I guess nothing can live up to a brilliant first series...
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  8. They've really got to stretch credulity to make him fit Zelig-like in the various events involving East Germany that happened in the time period even moreso than the first series but I still found it watchable. If you liked the first series you'll find the second one worth watching.

    Have you seen The Lives Of Others movie? Brilliant ten out of ten movie about the Stasi. Love, sex, betrayal and death all set against the glamorous backdrop of 1980s East Germany. Available in the same place.
  9. Pancho

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    First episode of The River was decent.

    Walter Presents on Ch4 and it looks like the rest of the series is on all4.

    Not sure about plot or characters yet but it's beautifully shot - permanent twilight semi-travelogue porn set in northern Norway.
  10. errant

    errant Striker

    I highly recommend anyone who likes a scandi shows to check out channel 4 this Sunday night, 11pm (whole series is on 4 by the looks)...

    After Borgen, will British viewers now be enthralled by the life of a Danish pastor?

    I've already seen Ride Upon a Storm after alex recommended it so highly... lars mikkelsen wins an emmy for his performance (should please @Son of Stan ), but for me the real stars are the two sons... its typical adam price stuff plus the Claus Hempler theme tune is typical stuff. i was surprised the topic of god & the church would interest me but the whole dynamic of father & sons is enthralling.
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  11. Fletch

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    Reading a scandi crime thriller novel at moment , The Chestnut Man
  12. Cee Jay

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    Just finished Black Lake...utter chod

    First series was pretty poor but this was worse...better things hoped for from The River.
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  13. errant

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    This thread has been pretty consistent that the series wasn’t up to anything, a fitting epithet then...
  14. Cee Jay

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    Fuck all happened for 7 and half episodes and meh when it did.
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  15. Son of Stan

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    Got it tivoed. Alex recommended it a while back, so looking forward to it. And Lars! :)
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  16. Arkle

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    Trapped returns to BBC4 this Saturday.
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  17. errant

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    not sure if i'm repeating myself here, but i'm half way through Kriger on Netflix - proper Danish BBC4 Saturday night stuff... highly recommend this to the nordic crime genre - ticks all the boxes you'd expect and has quite a few cameo appearances from the usual suspects...


    i've been watching them in double episodes just so that its got the bbc4 feel...

    watched any of it yet? what you making of it if you have?
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  18. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Striker

    Only watched the first one which I enjoyed I need to catch up with a few more. Not sure it's going to be easy viewing due to the subject matter and of course Lars isn't playing an entirely sympathetic character. But it is intriguing.
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  19. errant

    errant Striker

    there's a ying & yang between the two brothers that brings balance through the series on that level...

    are they repeating the first series, or is it new stuff?

    i think i got half way through it last time, put it down & never picked it up again for some reason - even though it had a few familiar faces in it iirc...
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  20. Arkle

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    10 whole episodes of new (which might as well be 5 feature length episodes of new, given the two a night policy).
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