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We could turn out 11 talented players every week and still struggle if we had inadequate direction or organisation. Look at Luton last season. No real standout players but organised and had a game plan drilled into them to perform consistently. It's about getting the best out of each player regardless of how talented thay are.
That's what you call good management however Ross has shown here he is not a good manager


Had a baring when we got rinsed 5-0 by Celtic mind. In the main you can see if players are up to the task & if they don't look drilled. Actual result doesn't matter but you can still take a lot from it.

On the positive you can see the likes of Embleton actually has talent by the way he passes the football, or do we just ignore the positives too?
Good point, I’ve just read Fergie’s book again and he said pre-season was all about getting the players fit, but more so familiar with drills formations etc. Also said performance is more important than the result and more is made of it than should be

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I’m not very optimistic as things stand but it’s nowt to do with pre season matches. I think it’s reasonable for people to be a bit concerned about whether the team is strong enough and if we’ve signed enough quality yet, but some are going over the top about the pre season results. We used to lose against lesser sides when Reid was manager and it had little bearing on the season ahead.
Lovely place, was there a couple of months ago.
We went there on a few school trips, iirc there was a bird zoo nearby. The highlight was playing football near the big stream that flows through the village I assume that’s the ‘water’. Some of the more feral/interesting kids would end up in the ‘water’.

Does anyone else hate this phrase?
It originates from the time when artillery/naval guns had a limited supply of gunpowder iirc and the gunners had to wait until a shot would count.
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Ive been having a quick look a few times a day and it’s unbearable at the moment. The only thread ive been interested in has been the new kits thread. Cant really get into massive arguments about a new Rochdale shirt