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They sharp blocked a thread from further comment which gave info on the miller homes development though. The reason was something about the comments going off track after it was them that derailed it in the fucking first place, accusing the op of grafting for them. (so fuck if they were) They all need reporting and banning from that site as its for the whole community, if people want to discuss buying one of them they should be able to without being silenced.
I was the OP , I’ve been accused of being in bed with Siglion, Council and Miller Homes for ages now but the reality is I’ve never even exchanged an email with anyone from either organisation - supporters accused of getting backhanders or having a personal involvement etc - just ridiculous behaviour


Not really following this thread but from some of the comments from Kath Thompson am I right in thinking a medical waste incinerator is being constructed?


Full Back
Nope , I’m fully expecting a complaint that a workman has dropped an apple core , tab end or some other heinous crime like looking at them funny any day now
Or that the council are being bunged for turning a blind eye to all this untoward behaviour as they do not Employ someone to be stood on the site at all times of the day ever day in order to monitor and fine the developer.
You could almost hear the wave of collective disappointment when someone checked the regs and found it was allowed to dig until 6pm.
Saw some foundations dug out when I walked the dog past today. Seems to be coming along nicely and they appear to have done the work preventing the mega toxic run off killing everyone on the beach.