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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Boris Bear, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. mcq10

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    Still rough in places but the coastline south of it is class[/QUOTE]
    Herrington millionaires :lol:

    Chuckled at that. You usually can spot them during the week as well.

    Wearing lanyards belonging to a call centre.
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    We need less quotes that’s what we’re fighting for.
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  5. ravydavygravy

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    Shields council/businesses must love seaburn mind. Plenty of business coming in.

    Saying that the stack might get a few people going the other way, cos there’s nothing else currently.
  6. Osklen

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    Agreed, but as well as that seaham is much mor compact in comparison to the Sunderland seafront which is more spread out, plus it doesnt have the so called leisure offer that the people of seaburn want.

    But is it not being carried through because the people of seaburn don’t want it?

    If people were behind the Siglion development I’m sure they’d have already been on site building homes.
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  7. the boot

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    Every development will have some opposition down there. The council should have the balls to carry out what they start out to do. Only then will we see improvements.
  8. Osklen

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    I agree. It’s a shame that Siglion didn’t continue with the outline application as whilst it wasn’t perfect it would have been a decent development.

    I have some sympathy with them that they are berated for not listening to residents and also for not ignoring them and ploughing on. That said they don’t help themselves at times.
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  9. Bob Fleming

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    They (Siglion) were utterly utterly useless. All they need to do is keep people up to date. These days it's all about open government. All it takes a little blog page or something like that to keep people informed about what is happening. What are they working on re the development. What's slowing them down. What they need to do next. Keeping it closed doors just puts them in a position of total mistrust.

    But that's Sunderland council as a whole. They seem to be improving of late but they need a big PR mission.
  10. Nookie Bear

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    At least the miller development will bring some new blood and investment into the area , once the impact of that and the stack is seen it may just be the catalyst for further improvements.
  11. MattyW

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    That is if the Miller Homes development still goes ahead. Their profit margins will have significantly reduced by the fact that the only secondary school in the area is now being rated inadequate and the uncertainty regarding the long term regeneration plans for Seaburn.
  12. Bob Fleming

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    You can hope J. It will still go ahead.
  13. MattyW

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    you said the same 3 years ago about the Siglion development S.
  14. Paddy O'Dors

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    I've lived in the area for 20 years, and like many parents had the good sense to get the kids in St Benets/St Anthonys. Most go to the school in Washington now (St. Roberts?). Monkeyhouse has always been a bit crap.
  15. Osklen

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    That’s always a conundrum for any developer - the amount of engagement and communication that it gives. Often they can’t disclose information anyway due to confidentiality / NDA’s, which in turn just gets the general populace’s back up. For everyone that might just want a quick update many expect to be given blow by blow accounts and use the information against the developer in the future. It’s rare for developers to keep people continually informed unless it is a truly community lead scheme.

    Also they couldn’t really communicate to people that the reason why they weren’t progressing was because everyone locally was whinging about the amount of housing - can’t imagine that would have helped - regardless of how much leisure and retail provision was allowed for.

    Likewise they clearly didn’t believe the site should be a leisure only development, therefore difficult for them to communicate this to people. I suspect the council held Siglion (igloo) back on the basis of the public uproar to housing.

    The only reason why that housing site won’t go ahead is if there is a technical reason why it can’t... I very much doubt that house values in that location will drop that low, as a consequence of the school ofstead grading, to make the scheme appraisal unviable.
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  16. ouro

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    That and a monorail.
  17. MattyW

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  18. Wilfy

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    Or a strip of pubs and clubs. Model it on Benidorm, reckon that would be class.
  19. Osklen

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    But isn’t that about the value of a house next to an outstanding school rather than against a down graded school? Also is it suggesting that houses prices in Sunderland (north east) aren’t effected by proximity to a quality school?

    If the nearby school had been outstanding and had then recently dropped to inadequate I could understand your point, but I don’t think that is the case in this example.

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