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Discussion in 'SMB' started by moshpit, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Depends if they want me to quote I will. Need to see the job first, but there seems to be some support there for this so I'm sure it's doable. I would move it as it is and have it as a piece of historical art, to show the demise of the old industries that the city was built on. Maybe incorporate it next to new offices on Vaux site to celebrate the transition from old to new.
    Ground zero Has rusty/burned bits of metal, but when you look at them the feeling inside is incredible. Not saying this is anywhere near that scale just stating a fact that it does not have to be pretty to be of interest.

    Use it as a statue with all the shipyards named on it?

    What would you do?
    Maybe call it the fall and rise of the wear?
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  2. I know what it is I dont get why it needs saving.
  3. Mackem00

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    Nee way you are 20 odd like. :lol:
  4. the boot

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    same reason the fire station did.
  5. Mackem00

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    I'd knock it down. It looks shit.
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  6. the boot

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    Fair comment.
  7. The old fire station was in a prime location, this isn't.
  8. moshpit

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    The campaign is to move it to a prime location. I'm sure the donations page said 250,000 was all that was needed to do this.

    For god sake its a piece of Sunderland history. Lets hope the judging panel for tje City of Culture aren't reading this thread....some truly shocking comments from people who are finally showing their true colours.
  9. lurker

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    Why not buy it off the council and open a new cafe there len?

    Culture? A fucked old brick building is culture now :D

    250k my arse
  10. Boris Bear

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    Not skilled enough to work in the shipyards then

    I'm starting a campaign to pull down this gatehouse. I will post a link in a bit
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    I’m pretty sure it will cost more than £250k to relocate it. Probably cost that just to number all the brick up to make sure it’s rebuilt exactly. I’m all for saving the gates and possible the arches but don’t think the whole lot should be relocated.
  12. You would be lucky to get land in a decent location for that price let alone move it and rebuild it. £250k will probably cover the purchase price of the building and fuck all else.

    The people running the donations page don't know shit from clay if they think any different.
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  13. The council already have plans to do that although the petition strangely neglects to mention that.
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    I doubt people want it in a prime location. Not the whole thing. The page has only got 500 odd signatures. People are hardly clamouring for this. Lower expectations that the whole thing should be moved and there might be more support.
  15. The person setting up the donations page didn't even know the thing existed until he saw something online recently. He plucked the figure out of thin air and the page has now disappeared.:lol:
    Being quoted as fact on here though so £250k must be how much it costs.
  16. Bob Fleming

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  17. the boot

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    Erm maybe because I'm not len?

    he was mince tbf
    He was small like you and had small man syndrome like ya self.
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  19. Still better than Jim's ma though.
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    So he wasn't small then, Len

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