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Discussion in 'SMB' started by moshpit, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Bob Fleming

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    I've just had a look at that. Perhaps saving the arches and gates would be a good significantly cheaper alternative, would have the historical and cultural significance people are looking for and could be quite easily built in to something else.
  2. That's the important bit.
  3. TheWanderer

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    One of the most least offensive blokes knocking about. What the hell don’t you like about him?
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  4. Haven't we got that crane by the glass centre that looks like it's melted in a fire
    Haway the cranes
  5. Just ignore the knacker, probably a Washington mag that hates the fact that someone else from Washington got famous and is red and white through and through.
  6. mcq10

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    How financially viable would that be in the current economic climate? Not very
  7. Boris Bear

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    What do you mean? There is one. The fact that people are outraged about the lack of tribute to our heritage makes it even more funny that they are not aware of the existence of our Maritime Heritage Centre
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  8. Nipple Salad

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    Not just respecting the city's heritage but one of the highest social housing stocks in Europe, co-operation with tenant groups, pocket parks etc. They've been at it since the 70s.

    Meanwhile, WDSC remains committed to re-branding Sunderland as New Pripyat - the UK's biggest call centre in partnership with a company in serious debt.
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  9. Some Random Guy

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    Only read a few posts but I need to ask:

    Why does this need saving?
  10. darius

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    Gilbridge Ave police station?
  11. the boot

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    Ya find it funny that people in the city don't know about our top attractions? WDSC Class!!!! Away the bid 2021.
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  12. moshpit

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    What an absolute bellend you are....liking posts that call for celebrating our history then liking posts that equate the shipyards to Auschwitz. Moaning that people dont get off their arse to try and make a difference and then mocking people when they actually do.

    Honestly, what kind of life must you lead when you have to resort to being the resident 'character' on a message board to get your kicks....

    And by the way, the Maritime Heritage have beem asking for a bigger and better premises for years instead of the shoebox they are currently holed away in that nobody knows about. Ive actually been several times and spoke to the old boys in there and they are as sad as i am about the erasing of the shipyards history on the Wear. When was the last time you were down there?

    It is literally the last original building left standing from all those hundreds of years of shipbuilding on the Wear. The campaign is for it to be taken down and relocated in the city centre and restored to its former state.
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  13. Boris Bear

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    So lets get this want a shitty pebbledashed building and a rusty crane on the Vaux site :lol:

    It doesn't, it's shit. It's completely devoid of any architectural merit. There was a fire in it the other week that improved it

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  14. Bob Fleming

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    Trying to save the whole building is pointless and doomed to failure. Why try that when in truth neebody realy wants it. This report they've been putting up says it's the chimney, arches and gates which are important. Why not just try to save the arches and gates as they could quite easily be incorporated in to another building or be made it to a stand alone monument.
  15. Nipple Salad

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    The RVI did something similar, taking ceramic tiled murals out of the old buildings and putting them in the new ones.

    Its pretty sad that all that is left of an entire industry is a few scraps from an old wreck.

    The building isn't viable but only because it's been left to rot and everything else has been quietly disposed of.

    When the cooncil and its sycophants refer to our history as "Rusty old cranes" its not hard to see why

    Generations to come will think Sunlun's contribution to society were rebar, concrete and call centres, truly inspiring
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  16. lurker

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  17. the boot

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    Exactly mate. Me granfatha will turn in his grave. A true labour/pitman. To hear the people who hold our future in there hands talk about our past like that is a scary thing.
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  18. Le Chuck

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    No they dont
    The rusty crane jibe is to mock moshpit who just moans about everything but thought a big crane would look good.
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  19. the boot

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    Erm it's been said a fire improved it, he was goaded when it was vandalised. It's a shame it's going.
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  20. Mackem00

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    I'm not really a restoration expert so don't know how feasible that is. You?

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