Saudi Arabia threatens Canada

Discussion in 'SMB' started by dangermows, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. dangermows

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  2. Jabberwocky

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    I read the article but have no idea who posted the pic. All it says was ‘Government linked account’. It could’ve come from an intern at the department in charge of cleaning shite off the airport toilets.

    Saying that, the ruling Saudis are a bunch of wankers who have been gifted ridiculous wealth through nothing more than fortunate timing and paying off the right westerners
  3. daedalus

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    Does he live on the 95th floor of the CNN tower:lol:
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  4. CheersMarra84

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    It tells you mate - @Infographic-KSA which has been deleted.
  5. Brian Griffin

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    Great bunch of lads, the Saudis. Obviously this is what happened.

    News to him if he does.
  6. royaldragon

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    Yes and the USA blamed Afghanistan.
  7. dangermows

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    Then invaded Iraq.
  8. muggboots

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    Geography has never really been their strongest subject though.
  9. Shack

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    Suzanne Vega remix?
  10. No they didn’t
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  11. GK

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    I looked at it again and believe them and i love nothing better than a bit saudi bashing
  12. JonMc

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    I'm a little bit leary of King Salaman tbh. Not that they'd dare attack Canada but a big part of me reckons that recent changes are part of a Salaman power grab rather than anything really altruistic.
  13. Teed

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    Aye, but they had Stanley knifes man..:eek:
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  14. dangermows

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    "box cutters"
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  15. Teed

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    :eek: Even worse, that's what the yanks call Stanley knifes man
  16. AlpineExile

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  17. dangermows

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  18. max wartbug

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    and flew Saudis out of the US in the only commercial planes allowed to fly at the time - allegedly
  19. Deano

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    Don't think there's any allegedly about it. Bizarre high profile way to snuggle them out mind

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