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Santy gets to........

Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by Tom the Pom, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Tom the Pom

    Tom the Pom Winger

    Melbourne before he gets to Perth! 3 hours behind everything you lot!!

    Best wishes to arll the lads n lasses owa in Perth, have a great Xmas. Eat and be merry!!!

    The Mallan's

  2. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    Aye..............canny, just cos u managed to get through the hole in the fence!!

    P.S: Its arnly 11 at neet when WE are wetchin footy, not stupid o'clock in the mornin like yeh ;)

    Arl the best from The Rowells xxxx
  3. Perthyltonian

    Perthyltonian Central Defender

    Merry xmas Tom and your family.
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