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Anyone been on a stag do in santorini and have any ideas or experiences they would like to share? Planning one for next year and can’t see beyond the tripadvisor lists.


My son got married there... We stayed in perissa... Lovely island but I think it may be a bit quiet for a stag do... The Greeks love us and will serve you 1st in the pub before the Germans who they dislike...
Beer only really mythos or alpha... Both nice but not much more choice... Food cheap to and nice... Lots of stray dogs n cats .. Donkeys are the main form of transport for the locals ... Gods kitchen is worth a visit.. And the water park is good and quiet during the week... I loved it in santorini..
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Probably not a common choice but I could see it working.

There are quite a few brewery tours and things around getting pissed you could do in the day if you fancy that.

Loads of other stag type activities if the organisers want to do that kind of shite.

Thera always had quite a lively nightlife but I think it’s isolated to basically one street of nightclubs and bars. So it’s going to be quite repetitive but there is a nightlife.