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Arfa Sleep

His music is canny, he's clearly heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen which isn't a bad thing. Maybe he'll do a gig at SJP and open with Hypersonic Missiles...

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He's quite sound tbf. I met him a month or two ago for the first time and we talked a bit about footy. He was complimentary about Sunderland and has plenty of mates who support us. He said if it's a choice between knocking about with a Sunderland fan or a fan of any other club but Newcastle he'd choose us every time.

Questionable morals perhaps when it comes to takeovers by bloody regimes, but the average fan always seems pretty one-eyed about their team when it comes to $$$$$$$$ and the possibility of progress...
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Reubens tasche

Liked his bit when he randomly comes out with how hungover is then reiterates it on breakfast tv ha ha

love his stuff, was listening to his new album today but the political lyrics about regimes do seem a bit hypocritical now