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Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by stupeo, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    well despite being a shower of shite who else is going to come out and support the new manager and team

    I will be there

    over to waz for the email

    stupeo FTM
  2. stormyt

    stormyt Reserve Squad

    What time is the KO? it got changed but not sure of the new time. Also we are bloody shite atm and may as well drown my sorrows with fellow kind rather than alone :p
  3. VHFC

    VHFC Striker

    Kick off is 1:30 uk time.
  4. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    8.30PM Local time for kick off. Will probably be down for around 5
    Dinar how many are coming, only you have replied to the email Stu??
  5. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    aye, they might need to put extra staff on, i will most likely get there and have food anarl, be like feeding time at the zoo
  6. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    ????how do you work that out like??????
  7. stupeo

    stupeo Central Defender

    which part, the first part based on the replies they will be just the 4 of us, part 2 have you seen me eat...

    I take it your coming
  8. BIG MAL

    BIG MAL Midfield

    Always said Sunderland Till I Die.

    Well last night the heart stopped beating.

    Sat there after the final whistle in the dark thinking of the highs and lows of last 62 years.

    ONE fucking high.

    Went to bed and never gave them a second thought till deciding to type this.

    Will not be attending and will not even bother watching it on my own next week.

    Nothing personnal against all you good guys in Perth and best of luck but I'm just too old for this shit.

    Hopefully ;Life goes on.
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  9. tootymackeminoz

    tootymackeminoz Central Defender

    mal agree mate but please come to the elephant just to show the manager who we are and we can havea good craic I have not seen them play since the last meet up 3-0 against the unweshed so come on come and have a good swally
  10. Blackcatwaz

    Blackcatwaz Winger

    I'm gannin for the beer and the craic!!!
    The football side of it, is a waste of fuckin time at the minute
  11. Perthyltonian

    Perthyltonian Central Defender

    Not sure if I can get down lads but will try. Mal, we all feel the same about our team at the moment and I've never been so flat before a derby but could never give up on them permanently. We've met some great SAFC lads in Perth so let's keep it going. If I can make it I will, otherwise I'll scramble home and watch us play the scum, put my top on and will them to victory. FTM
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