sad but it has to happen, my dad passed away

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Sad news fella. Time is a great healer though and you'll never forget you're loved ones when they're gone.
What I have experienced is that the grieving process isn't linear. Some days are normal and others are difficult to deal with. Everyone is different of course.

thanks again all. Much appreciated.

smb at its best.
It's surprising how many people have been through similar recently.

We knew that it was inevitable but it was still a bit of a shock. Did your dad make any plans for his send off? No probs if that is too personal I should keep my neb out.
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Scotty 1978

heartbroken today all.

just had to get it off my chest but his suffering is no more and he is now with my mam, on holiday in heaven

sorry for the maudling tone but it helps

I know one or two on here will remember him from his days in the Wearside combination league and that is how I will remember my hero.

thanks dad and I will keep the red flag flying high
Take care mate, my dad passed away back in July, it gets easier as time goes by
My sincere condolences . The loss of your Dad and a great pal it something that you only grow accustomed to its not something that you "get over" as people say or to be honest would actually wish to. My dear Dad passed away some 20 years ago . He was a great chap and I miss him but I do so with a smile. The old boy would have been devastated if he thought that in going he had only succeeded in making me bloody miserable for the rest of my life - that's not what Dad's are ever about. So I regularly raise a glass to him and thank the Lord that he was my Dad - I am sure that you will do the same. All the best.
Excellent post. Condolences to SC.
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