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  1. Which you .an still take on board as part of your hand luggage.
  2. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    If I chuck some extra cash at them, yes.
  3. James

    James Striker

    Stansted to Milan was 15 quid. 17 quid back to Stansted from Bologna.

    I assume they cap priority at a certain point. It's daft when you're queuing though and everyone is in the priority queue!
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  4. No you can take your little pack withcamera etc on with you and clothes and stuff with little suitcase in the hold
  5. George Kaplan

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    ‘Random seat allocation free of charge’ is a total scam they make it awkward so you’ll pay in advance to avoid the fucking about. Which I do. But resentfully
  6. The Butcher

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    Does priority boarding include seat allocation?
  7. Harbour Boy

    Harbour Boy Midfield

  8. People often don't take that much to ROI, and then take liberties by trying to take too much in the cabin. It meant if you were last to board you were unable to take correctly sized hand luggage in the cabin as there was no space left at all.
    Seems fair they are acting stricter now.
  9. Royston Vasey

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    Was £7 each way at the weekend when I went to see @Its Him Again in Malta

    You still have to drag it to the plane and dump it at the steps
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  10. kossoff

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    My little pack is a standard backpack that contains both clothes and camera and laptop. This is within their and all other airline regulations sizes.

    If you are denying that Ryanair regularly change their policies simply to generate extra revenue your are lost.
  11. Chances are you would be alright... Normally take the wheely cases off people only. It's a bloody nightmare with them.

    Takes longer to get on and off as they block the aisles.

    If it's over your shoulder they just assume it's your hand luggage
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  12. Royston Vasey

    Royston Vasey Striker

    Some daft twat last Thursday at Stansted had a fucking huge back pack on....really taking the piss. His face was a picture was it got tagged :lol:
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  13. And people end up having to put thier case 10 aisles away so squeezing past everyone when it lands to try and get to it. For me it's a hlaf decent initiative.
  14. Can’t fault a 17 quid flight man :neutral:
  15. Harbour Boy

    Harbour Boy Midfield

    Aye, I took a hold-all on 10 flights round europe last year, got asked to put it in the hold once, talked the fella round though.
  16. Fred Secrets

    Fred Secrets Striker

    Ryanair's plan will have worked perfectly .
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  17. nyron4england

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    uses scratter airline, complains about scratter behaviour from scratter airline. fly with a legacy if you're that bothered
  18. and then when everyone is using it and no advantage sought they can increase the priority price point
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  19. Lambchops

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    When we're away in August I just paid the 100euro family pass thing for priority boarding, 2 suitcases and reserved seats - 500euro all in for return flights for 4 of us was still a good deal
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  20. Fred Secrets

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    "The Low Fares Airline".

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