Russia invading Ukraine (NEWS/UPDATES) - Please put sensitive content behind a spoiler

The responses to that tweet are painful from American clampetts talking about their tax dollars. It's a basket case of a country.
As Sec. Blinken said last week, 90% of the aid to Ukraine is invested in American weapons industry jobs and manufacturing. It's not like they're given the money cash in hand. Besides, if Russia isn't stopped in Ukraine, the USA's article 5 commitments will dwarf their current outlay. That's assuming they haven't dragged the country into autocracy and isolationism by then.

The dereliction of facts and common sense are propagated by their idols who would stake democratic hegemony to win favour. Thankfully twitter is as representative of the American electorate as RTG is of matchgoing SAFC supporters. I'm an optimist, I believe the critical thinkers will sound out the 'free' thinkers.
Surely they must realise that degrading the Russian threat, by investing at no loss or injury to its own forces, is an unprecedented opportunity and the best possible use of its defence budget?
The daft thing is with the EU turning to the US for resources, NATO strengthening, China's economy falling apart like a boiled turd and Russia f***ing itself, the USA should be on the precipice of a golden age of unrivalled power.
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Interesting comments from Constantine (sp?)

His videos are not an easy watch, usually too long and too slow. However, he is honest and is clever.

Maybe this should be on the politics board but some interesting comments on Putin and what life is currently like in Russia which we don't hear much about. Maybe he is wishful thinking in parts?

Can be skipped to about 7.30 mins in.

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