Russia invading Ukraine (NEWS/UPDATES) - Please put sensitive content behind a spoiler

I’m no expert on Submarines but this whole story sounds like a 60s thriller, right down to the submarine having one depth gauge up front and another hidden round the back

Pretty sure depth would be constantly monitored by one of those new fangled computer thingies using multiple sensors
Vanguard class subs entered service in the 90s but are an early 80s design. They went down the route of using existing tech for a lot of it to keep costs down so there could be tech in there from the 50s 60s, and definitely the 70s.
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Putin left Armenia to swing as a payoff to Turkey. No wonder the Armenians are pissed
As the man says they were also pissed off at having their puppet Sargsyan evicted in the 2018 revolution and had nobody to spare due to the fiasco in Ukraine.

Ukraine really needs a few other countries to stand up to Russia. Moldova has a fantastic opportunity to retake Transnistria for example.