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Running Thread 2012

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by hudson88, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. becs

    becs Striker Contributor

    I use Endomondo app on my mobile phone and have got an armband to fasten the phone on my arm.

    Managed 2.64 miles when it was absolutely lashing it down with rain yesterday lunchtime.
  2. Jambezz

    Jambezz Midfield

    Is the app just on iPhone? Got a blackberry myself.
  3. becs

    becs Striker Contributor

    No - I use it on an Android phone. Dunno about Blackberry's as I've never used one.
  4. The Butcher

    The Butcher Winger

    Done my usual route around Seaham yesterday, 10km, 51 mins I think. The run ius a tough 1st half thro Dalton le Dale then over the fields to the new road then right back down the coast.

  5. Carrville Mackem

    Carrville Mackem Midfield

    10.68 mile this morning. 1:26:51 about 8:08 min/mile. I felt like I was running better a few weeks ago. Marathon next week and I don't think I'll get anywhere near 3:30. Just haven't had the will the last couple of weeks and had loads of little niggles and aches. Hope there's no wind next week either. This morning was a bitch running into the wind.
  6. WillD

    WillD Striker

    Not a bad run that son, Its perfect conditions today for a run but Ive tore my calf muscle playing footy so Im really gutted, I was consistantly getting sub 50 mins for 10k. :-(
  7. Should you not be tapering rather than pushing it?
  8. Carrville Mackem

    Carrville Mackem Midfield

    Thats my last long(ish) run. 3 mile on Wed and 3 mile on Friday. Was supposed to be doing 8.5 today but ended up at 10.5

    Just don't seem to be enjoying it as much as I was a few weeks ago. Might be nerves before next Sunday?
  9. I know what you mean. For me as the distances start getting a lot longer it starts to get a lot more boring plus you start off each run tired from the last long one. It's where the mental side starts to take over.

    This marathon running lark is flipping tough.

    I did my last longish one today (9.5 miles) today before my next marathon on the 13th may. All the rest will be shortish and slow just to keep the legs moving while niggles settle.
  10. Teejay

    Teejay Winger

    Volunteered at the Parkrun this morning - cracking morning, but a bit parky.

    Then 13miles this avo in 1.42. Slightly slower than a couple of weeks ago, but a much hillier route. Feel dead tonight and the missus is giving me dirty looks cos I didn't cut the grass.
  11. Data

    Data Midfield

    Continuing my marathon tapering, did a little 3 miles. I wasn't sure about this tapering lark when I first heard it but my legs are feeling better and better for it.

    Still a bit nervous about next sun though, first timer at this marathon malarkey.:eek:
  12. 3.142

    3.142 Midfield

    If you don't think 3:30 is doable, then for Christs sake don't set off at that pace. The speed will kill you, not the distance.

    And good luck!
  13. Teejay

    Teejay Winger

    Some advice please - I really want to do my first marathon to celebrate being 40 in September. I've looked at the Venice marathon at the end of October, but the cheap flights stop the week before. I fancy the LochNess marathon on 30th September, but that's a week after I turn 40 and my friend's wedding which means I'm likely to have at least one skinful with just a week to go.

    Bad idea or could I get away with it?
  14. myleftfoot1978

    myleftfoot1978 Midfield

    done a run today that was about 1.7mile jogging then 3 x500 meters at about 9min a mile pace and 3x500 meters at 5.30 pace, then a set off about 100 steps and a last mile in 8.51, really tiring compared to just jogging 4 our 5 mile, sleep well tonight i think
  15. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    Large dinner + new energy drink powder + high cafine energy gel =:oops:

    12 mile run in the middle of nowhere tonight, furthest point from home my guts started, tried to run and clench, didn't work. Started to walk but it was getting dark, tried running again, situation became critical, jumped over wall, crouched infront of bemused sheep, made the biggest pile of runny poo ever seen, pissed on my shorts and had to run 5 miles home with a skiddy arse, in the pissing rain.

    I hate running.
    I hate enery gels.
  16. Isn't the Abingdon Marathon around that time? Small but reputed to be flat and fast. Perfect for a PB.

    Don't make the mistake I made and run one the day after your 40th. Gives you either a shite birthday or a shite run. For me it was both:cry:
  17. 3.142

    3.142 Midfield

    Dublin marathon end of October?

    Nice and slow 10 miles for me this evening after a weekend of excess. Need to make up for in this week now!
  18. becs

    becs Striker Contributor

    Managed 4.26 miles this morning and I was pleased with that. Bit chilly and windy but at least it wasn't raining!

    Decided to do the Great North 10K in July, so building up for that nicely.

    Was just talking to Data earlier about this one, and wondered if anyone fancies it:
    69 miles all in one go :eek:
  19. Not me:-D
  20. 3.142

    3.142 Midfield

    20 miles tonight. Hard going after a days graft. Felt rotten for the first dozen miles despite going pretty steadily and then found some rhythm and picked it up a bit in the last 8 miles. Was feeling pretty good by the end.

    Tapering down for marathon starts now.
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