Running following knee surgery

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  1. Earlier this year I had ACL and MCL reconstruction after snapping both playing football.
    At 44 returning to football is a non starter for a few reasons. Has anyone got any experience or knowledge of running following this procedure?
  2. Any advice from your surgeon/physio?
  3. Sorry Stevie didn't see you replied. Didn't get a definitive answer. See how rehab goes and one step at a time response
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  4. No probs I would stick to swimming and walking until someone with more experience can advise.
  5. Never had reconstruction but I've had partial tears of all ACL PCL & Medial in my right knee & ACL & Medial in my left knee all at different times & none of them have been quite the same during rehab. All I can say is work with your physio & don't try anything they don't recommend just because someone off the interwebz said it worked for them.
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    ACL recovery in particular is tricky. Much like someone who is fully fit you can’t do too much too soon or it would even worse in your case.

    If I was in your position I’d be sticking to physio advise and maybe swimming also, low impact is definitely best.
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  7. Cheers mate. Aye that's the plan. Worst caw scenario is hammer the bike and swimming instead. Built up quite a kite this past 12 months I've done nowt!

    That's the plan tbh. Stick to park runs rather than half marathons etc.
  8. Charlestonian

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    Not sure how far along you are recovery wise but 5k might be a battle, where’s the nearest one to you?
  9. Haven't started running. 3 months into rehab, allowed on the bike on the turbo trainer. Out on the streets over the next month or so. Slowly slowly
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    Maybes go on the parkrun website and volunteer as a tail walker if that fits with your rehab?
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  11. Good idea that. My mate does loads of volunteering for park runs. Would be a good starting point. Cheers
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