Rugby fans causing bother

Discussion in 'SMB' started by forzamilansafc, May 9, 2019.

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    Impossible. Only football fans misbehave.
  3. I doubt the bother stems from the rugby. It'll be the Army lads giving the rent boys a bit slap about.
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  4. Not surprised at all.
  5. safcftm91

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    The RFU don't want it at Twickenham either, been rumours for years about cancelling it. Makes to much money for them so haven't cancelled it yet.
  6. Rubberglove

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    Rugby bore forum this shite
  7. More money than any of the internationals apparently.

    Anyway, it's likely less to do with rugby fans and more to do with the army and navy lads going on a bender.
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    Squadies start fights shocker
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  10. c032745y

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    OP had to work hard to find that, unless he lives in Richmond. Different demographic attending Forces match, not the usual RU fans, bit loud, bit pissed, still not really OTT. Sooner the game is in Cardiff the better...
  11. monkeytassle

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    Better than fans stabbing each other to death tbh.
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  12. duff_man

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    Squaddies in getting pissed shocker
  13. JonMc

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    Testosterone and booze plus a big dollop of them v us doesn't make for a good cocktail.
  14. spoony

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    Just the armed services having a little fun.
  15. tenpins

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    Saw group of Leinster fans at Costa coffee on Wessington way earlier.
    Another group outside the Cambridge pub.
    All on their best behaviour.
  16. zwartekat

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    Not really. The following is from the RFU site:

    "The annual Army v Navy match is an extremely popular fixture with record-breaking attendances at Twickenham Stadium. However, with the increase in attendance, there has also been a rise in incidents both inside and outside of the stadium that fall below the standards of conduct and behaviour expected.
    The Match Committee has worked closely with the RFU, Metropolitan Police and the local community to agree a strategy for the future. This includes the introduction of measures to reduce the impact on the local community.

    This will be achieved by no longer playing the morning fixtures at Kneller Hall, bringing the Army v Navy fixture forward to 2pm and then playing the UKAF U23 v Oxbridge U23 fixture on completion of the senior fixture.

    It is with great regret that the actions of a small minority of attendees have resulted in this change but it is hoped that it will not significantly impact on the enjoyment of the day by those attending the game next year."
  17. Ken Tishtown

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    Imagine those pint glasses are full of each other’s piss and that is an accurate representation
  18. c032745y

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    Ah knar, came on a leaflet with your tickets as well. Army/Navy match used to attract about 10k - 20k each year so it was never really an issue. It suddenly took off in terms of attendance & it's now a sell out. It's essentially the biggest reunion in the country. It's not the normal rugby attendees which is why Cardiff would be a better venue, not upsetting genteel folk living in & around Twickenham.
  19. zwartekat

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    Not sure what Cardiff have done to deserve it. :lol:

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