RTG data leak?


The Gaffer
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Why is my phone telling me RTG has had a data leak?

Anyone else? Iphone
Nothing I am aware of.

Is it not just telling you your password has been detected in a data leak? (ie. not specifically RTG)

iOS does this now if you have used the same email/password somewhere else and it has been compromised.

As @bobster999 says https://haveibeenpwned.com/ is a good place to find out if your email/passwords has been part of a public hack.
Yeah if you pay. Sounds legit
Nope it’s free. And setup by a guy who works/worked for Microsoft. Also, if you can prove you look after a domain you can get alerts for any email address that features in a breach. I get notified if any member of my organisation email address is involved in a breach.
Not that quiet, it was in the paper. :-O

Not just the paper. It was very very big in the circles I move in :D
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