Royster's T-bone steak crisps.


3 pages in and no mention of seabrooks :O

Beef seabrooks should win just about every crisp award (if they are actually any).
Pickled onion Seabrooks are the Kings.
Lush in a ham, pease pudding and mustard sarnie
Nice but overrated. Beef crisps dont cut it. Flavour too strong I think
Used to be able to get a lush beef and mustard giant hula hoop which were amazing. Admittedly not a thoroughbred crisp
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This thread is meaningless without a statement from @forzamilansafc

@ShieldsBlackCat2015 please could you explain which crisps you think are the best, and why. Don’t hold back with the detail marra.

Tough one. Crisps that I think are the best are SIzzling King Prawn by MCoys. I do enjoy crisps with a little kick. I first started eating then when I got a multipack including Tai Sweet Chicken. The volume goes up on the Sizzling King Prawn from a 4 for the ordinary Prawn Cocktail to an 8. I don’t think you can get them in single packs.